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Decorating homes with animal prints

22nd Jun '16 • By Emily Ayers

Animal prints have turned into everyone’s favourite interior design trend. There are numerous ways and reasons to include animal prints in your home. If you are looking for ways you can decorate your home with animal prints, the next few lines will lend you a helping hand.

Decorating Homes with Animal Prints Animal prints have turned into everyone’s favorite interior design trend. There are numerous ways to introduce animal prints in to your home.


Using Stripes

Stripes are a great way to bring life to an empty hallway. Zebra stripe rugs and wall hangings can catch the eye. The directional lines in these rugs and wall hangings are likely to attract and direct the eye.


Pairing Several Prints

You can also pair several prints together. These prints should look good together and be cohesive. Also, animal prints must be from the same color palette. A good mix of animal prints would be a zebra pillow, tiger rug and cow hide ottomans.


Your Décor Style

Some people are apprehensive to use animal prints in their home. They believe that the prints wouldn’t match the home theme or décor style. Luckily, animal prints can blend with any theme. Even a classic bedroom with conventional furniture can look new and fresh with animal print.


A Bold & Beautiful Statement

Animal prints can be used to spread a bold and beautiful style statement. When you use animal prints in small halls, try to go for unusual shades. This will give your guests a royal feel. For instance, you can choose zebra print fabric for seat upholstery. Always bear in mind that animal prints can become the center of attention in your home. The unique palette, classy patterns and slight contrast can re-design your room effortlessly.


Animal prints are not restricted to zebras and leopards. You can always think beyond these conventional options. Spots and stripes are wonderful – but there are several other options you can add to your list of home decors. For instance, you can choose giraffe print desks to give your living room an antique look.

Hide Rugs

Over the years, hide rugs have turned into a must have home accessory. However, hide rugs are difficult to maintain. If your rooms have high dirt traffic, the rugs are likely to be spoilt or become dirty. This is why you should decorate rooms with low traffic using hide rugs.

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