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Design your space to reflect your personal style

29th Aug '17 • By Kaylyn Jeffrey

Let your home represent who you are.

Design your space

The Chic Modern

Do you prefer to come home to sleek designs and minimalist chic decor after a few cocktails in the city? Cool neutral colours are your friend - Black, brown, taupe, and beige give a sophisticated, orderly look to a space. There is only one mantra for the chic modern home: Keep it simple. No need to go overboard with decor - the simpler the look of the furniture, the more classic and sleek it will appear. Forget patterns and intricate detail, go for the crisp white accent chair and the black gloss countertops with all steel appliances and curve lamps.

design-your-space_0001_Modern Living Room.jpg

The Entertainer

You love to be the host or hostess-extraordinaire constantly entertaining your guests. You can be found commuting back and forth from the kitchen to the entertaining area pouring drinks and making sure everyone's glass is full and stomachs are satisfied. Your home should reflect your love of hosting. An excellent home layout for someone who enjoys entertaining would be to have an open-concept living room and kitchen. With this design, you are able to chat to your guests while you pour the wine as you keep an eye on that pot roast. Open concept spaces also make the home more inviting while allowing for more people to be entertained.


The Bohemian

The world is full of needless borders and boundaries so why should your home have them? Your home should reflect your open mind and wild spirit. Do you prefer sitting on a meditation pillow rather than a chair? Do you prefer a hammock to a sofa chair? Go for it. Your room should be as non-conformative as you are. Your space should do the same thing you do: invite your guests to be comfortable and themselves without limitation. Beautiful additions to a Bohemian room involve a strong assortment of pillows with all the designs you can imagine. The more designs, colours and artwork the better. Papasan chairs make excellent additions to these spaces as they give a more 'relaxed' feel to a home.

design-your-space_0000_The Bohemian.jpg

The Family-Focused

Did your little one just spill apple juice on your sofa while you were reading this? Dark leather is your friend when it comes to your little spill-prone bundles of joy. Not only that, dark leather is attractive and gives a sophisticated look to a room. You can still entertain and impress your child-free couple friends in style without the worry of stained, disorderly furniture. Decorate your furniture with throw pillows and throw blankets to give the space more warmth - Literally and figuratively!


The World Traveller

Hardly ever home because you're so busy exploring the world? Fill your space with your worldly treasures by incorporating different cultures and knick knacks. To avoid a tacky feel, stick with the same colour scheme. Royal, dramatic colours like deep brown and rustic red look ideal with African vases and Persian rugs - Oh, and that sunset painting you picked up in the Dominican Republic. Don't forget to add all the maps and globes to the room decor that you can get your hands on. We appreciate you taking the time to read this on your flight to Canada.

design-your-space_0006_World Traveler Hike.jpg

Make the most of your home by most of all, having fun with it. Create a space you feel comfortable to be your most authentic self in. Whether you are the Chic Modern, Entertainer, Bohemian, Family-Focused, or World Traveler, let your home reflect your own, personal style and way of being.

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