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Different types of window blinds

5th Apr '16 • By Emily Ayers

By definition, window blinds are also known as window shades that comprise of vertical and horizontal slats. Window features can be made of different materials and shapes. You can pick blinds that are customised using fabric, plastic and wood that has cords running through the slats. Indeed, there are many blinds that come as a single piece and not as slats. If you’re thinking of a home renovation or simply need to update your current blinds, here are our favourite blinds to get you started.

If you’re thinking of a home renovation or simply need to update your current blinds, here are our favourite blinds to get you started.


Traditional Roman Shades

Roman shades are one of the most popular blinds as are designed to block out most sunlight. These shades tend to stack up evenly, however there are styles where these blinds cover the window fully. Roman shades work smoothly, without any overlapping. These blinds are also sold with special blackout fabric that has the ability to block sunlight out completely.

Beautiful Vertical Blinds

Another great option for your window features are vertical blinds. As suggested by its name, these blinds fall vertically. The design is ingenious as the perpendicular layout means the blinds won’t collect as much dust as horizontal blinds. Vertical blinds work amazingly on windows and doors that slide horizontally as well. When compared against conventional blinds, vertical shades require little effort and can be operated easily.


Vertical blinds can be made out of several types of materials including; fabric, s-curved slats, faux wood and embossed PVC. Typically, vertical blinds also help to reduce the amount of heat or cold from seeping in.

Stunning Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are designed with horizontal slats that are made of metal and plastic. These blinds are one of the most environmentally friendly blind options. They are widely used in European countries and the United States. Venetian blinds are also known as wood or bamboo blinds. These blinds are neatly suspended using cloth tapes and cords. If you are after an environmentally friendly blind, you should highly consider for venetian blinds.


Sophisticated Persian Blinds

Persian blinds are used by many people with sophisticated homes. These blinds are horizontal and made of vinyl or metal. The blinds are neatly connected with one another. They can be rotated by 170 degrees and can be used to hide sunlight.


Durable Roller Blinds

Last but certainly not least, you can opt for roller blinds. This is a long lasting structure that can be stretched and folded effortlessly. A major quality of this blind would be its ability to prevent sunlight from seeping into your room. With roller blinds, you can sleep without any distraction.


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