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How to baby proof your home

6th Mar '18 • By Kaylyn Jeffrey

So you’ve come home with a beautiful newborn baby and you love that little being more than you ever thought imaginable. Well, your sweet little angel will grow into a walking, talking little human who is very clumsy and very curious about the world around them. Let us help you baby proof your home to keep your most precious loved one safe.

baby proof your home

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Bathroom safety precautions 


Purchase non-slip bathroom mats for the bath and shower as well as cloth bath mats for the bathroom floor. This decreases the chance of your baby slipping on the water. Always fill the tub up only to your baby’s legs during a bath and never leave your baby unsupervised in the bathroom. Always check the water to make sure it is a comfortable temperature for your baby’s sensitive skin and always use soft, sensitive and natural soap products. A baby bath will ensure your baby is comfortable while in the bath and make the experience more enjoyable for them. Install a toilet lock to keep your baby from lifting the lid up.

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Cover electrical plugs 


Make sure electrical plugs are adequately covered as a way to keep your home safe. You can buy these safety covers online or at your local hardware store for relatively cheap. Keep electrical beauty and kitchen appliances unplugged and put away. 

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Lock drawers and cupboards 


Your little one will be very curious about anything and everything they come into contact with. It is very important to keep childproof locks on your drawers and cupboards to keep sharp and potentially dangerous household items out of reach. It is also wise to lock all drawers to keep your baby away from any medications or vitamins that could make them ill. It also keeps them away from garbage, cleaning products and other items that could cause sickness upon exposure.

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Ask your husband to cook or hold the baby 


Never carry anything hot in your hands while holding your baby or cook while holding your baby. Make sure you keep your darling away from hot stove tops to minimise any risks of burn. Turn your pot handles toward the back of stove and keep your oven closed and sealed. 

Another helpful tip to prevent injury is to keep coasters, placemats and table cloths off of tables. Babies have a tendency to attempt to pull themselves up with these items.

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Protection from furniture accidents 


Protect your baby from getting hurt by furniture around the home by installing corner guards. If your baby bumps the furniture, you don’t want it to cause them any damage. Cushion your potentially dangerous furniture with soft guards to mitigate risk.  

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Choose organic, healthwise cleaning products 


Choosing organic cleaning products made from natural products is the safest way to go to protect your family from illness. Natural products ensure damaging chemicals are not present in your cleaning products and therefore your home. Choose natural cleaning remedies especially when you have a baby in your home to eliminate exposure to any harsh chemicals. 

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Nursery etiquette 


It is a couple’s personal choice whether to keep the baby in a nursery or keep the crib in the bedroom. If the baby is in the nursery, keep a working baby monitor in it at all times to ensure your baby is safe at night and during naps. Always keep the baby monitor on you especially if you are doing chores around the home while your baby naps. Keep toys out of the crib as they could be potentially dangerous especially if your baby is left alone. Use very soft bedding for the crib to ensure your baby is getting a proper night’s sleep in a comfortable environment both material and room temperature wise.

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Get educated 


An article is never enough to fully prepare yourself for a baby in the home. The best way to keep your baby safe is to educate yourself with parenting and child psychology books, online reading and taking an infant first-aid course. Take precaution when handling someone so little and precious by paying constant attention to them in all situations. Your little angel is learning about the world as they come into it and require many precautions to keep them safe during this new intriguing time for them. 

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Use these helpful tips to babyproof your home and keep your family safe and sound. 

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