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How to elevate the mood in your home

3rd Aug '20 • By Shreya Kulkarni

Furniture and décor are not the only things that make a house a home. The design of your home reflects your personality - read on to find out how you can elevate the mood in your home!

You don't need to spend a bunch of money on redecorate to get your house or apartment to ooze happy vibes — instead a few quick tweaks can help bring up the mood and have you feeling more relaxed when at home.

Apply a few (or all) of these tried-and-tested tips to your home to experience the happy magic for yourself. Following are our hacks to help make your house more joyous and elevate the mood and vibe.


Fun is an integral part of elevating the mood in your home and there are countless ways to add a touch to your house. It can be displayed in any way that suits you - for example, you may like music and might want to get a sound system for your lounge or you may like movies and install a home theatre or purchase a large screen TV and a film library. The best advice that we can give is to add personal touches to your home that reflect your hobbies.



Mix & Match

A simple way to elevate the vibe of your interior is to mix and match different patterns onto your furniture. As simple as this sounds, the result is far from it. You are guaranteed to rejuvenate not only the look and feel of your décor but also the mood in your home. Try mixing different patterns on your sofa cushions and curtains and decide on a new colour for your walls. Just be careful not to choose patterns that clash! These simple tweaks go a long way and can have a significant impact on the aesthetic and mood in your home.

Create Nooks For Relaxation

These nooks are places for retreat where you can unwind and channel your energy inward as opposed to outward. If you are looking for relaxation then we recommend a chaise lounge, which can be used for relaxation as well as reading. Then again, if you aren’t an avid reader then you might prefer a gaming corner with a bean bag where you can have your console hooked up to the TV or how about a pool table or table soccer? These nooks don’t have to be confined to one area, you can have these all around the house. For example, set up a few dart boards where you can score a few points or an indoor basketball hoop in a spacious area. The choices are limitless!  

blue bedroom

Calming Blue

If you are looking for a healthy and upbeat vibe in your home then we recommend that you try to use blue. The colour is easy on the eyes but like any other colour it has its psychological effects. The colour blue is an emotional colour and is more suited for calming rather than elevating moods. You are better off using a more upbeat colour like green, red and even neutral colours like white. Depending on the vibe you are going for, you can use the calming blue or the up-beat warm colours such as yellow or red.

Use Colours

The colors you choose for your home can make or break the way you feel while you’re in it. Studies suggest that some colors can drag you down, others can energize you, and still more will evoke feelings of calm and relaxation. Red is a great colour to start with, as well as making for a very interesting décor colour choice. Mix and match red with white for the ultimate mood booster. You can have these colours in junction or you can try them out separately for your desired look. Just remember, the aim is to put emphasis on the mood. Let loose and let your creativity take hold of your choices!

plant bathroom

Play with Plants

Plants and greenery is packed with ways to make you feel good. Not only do they purify the air you breathe each day, but they can also make you feel calmer and improve your concentration and focus. And don't be worried about the struggle to keep them alive. There are plenty of options, like succulents and air plants, which are pretty low maintenance and bring about tons of benefits.

Decorate with Fresh Flowers and Candles

If lighting a candle at home after a stressful day brings you comfort, there’s a very good reason. Buying flowers for the home may sometimes feel like a waste of money, however, research says that not only do flowers brighten up your home, they also trigger happy emotions and heighten feelings of life satisfaction. 


Declutter your space

All of us have heard that less is more. The more clutter in the home, the more stressful experience you'll have. Take a hint from the ever-popular minimalist aesthetic and work on decluttering and simplifying your space.

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