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6 key pieces your home should have

16th Nov '16 • By Emily Ayers

Every house should have these key pieces to make it feel like home – a place that is yours.


Every time you get out of bed, leave for work or come home at night, your home needs to be a place where you feel is yours and no one else’s. Details matter, because without these certain things, your home might not feel like your personal piece of heaven to rest and spend time with family. Here are six pieces that should be the feature of each room.

The mirror is one of those useful pieces that every house should have. For this reason, its wise to splurge out and invest in a decorative mirror. Mirrors are also great to increase the impression of space.


The rug is another piece that every home should have, but it is often ignored. A room’s design starts and ends with the rug. If your room needs a little more life, add a colour rug to lift the room.


Sumptuous sofa
The sofa is one of those indispensable pieces of furniture from anyone’s home. Used for centuries in urban homes, it has had important social functions from bonding with friends and relatives to watching TV with your family at night. A sumptuous sofa can leverage your living room's design, making guests appreciate the comfort of your home.


Statement armchair
Usually lying next to the sofa, a statement armchair brings back the image of relaxing and reading a book. It represents an asset for any respectable living room and home. 


Your clothes define you to some extent. That’s why you need a sanctuary where you can keep them clean and tidy. Besides its function of keeping your clothes in one place, a nice bureau can add aesthetic value to your bedroom. Just be careful not to choose one too big – symmetry always matters. 


Being a first-impression accessory, a bookshelf can be decorated in various ways. It offers great decorative value to the room – as well as keep your books organised.


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