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Make your home look expensive on a budget

1st Jun '16 • By Emily Ayers

Want to make your home look better or more expensive? With these simple tips you can improve your home on a budget. Home investments can range between hundreds to thousands of dollars. This makes your home one of the biggest investments you can venture into during a lifetime. Unfortunately, strict budgets can be an impediment to the journey. This is when you should make smart decisions to increase your homes appearance with your set budget in mind.


Right Colors
The neutral color palette is considered as rich and elegant. With neutral shades, you will be able to create a sophisticated ambiance that will give you more room to grow. Along with neutral shades, you should swap accessories and furniture in your home.


Wise Decisions
Before you make an investment think about it! Try to invest in items that are considered timeless and useful. Splurging in a key piece of furniture here and there can give off a sophisticated look to a room. This can be anything from chairs, rugs, a sofa or bed headboards.

Nowadays, less is more! Keep this philosophy in mind before you buy. Choose every piece of item in your home carefully. Make sure it is both beautiful and functional. Eliminate everything that proves (or even seems) to be less useful; clutter is a prime example.


Have you ever wondered why a house that was prepared with care and technically complete doesn’t appear full? Do you sense a wave of emptiness in your home? If yes, you should layer your home. According to experienced interior decorators, homes should be layered with lots of care and concern. The tables, books, chairs and pillows should be neatly organised. To be more precise, everything has to be married with one another! Layering can make a quick difference in your home. This is an inexpensive and quick way of making your home appear more stylish and organised.

Last but certainly not least, eliminate grunge as much as possible. Big or small, try to clean your home periodically! Cleaning an old tile in your kitchen can add more value to the entire house. Above all, this is an inexpensive and simple way of making your home look better.

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