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Open planned homes that will leave you breathless

30th Mar '17 • By Emily Ayers

Open planned homes are the new favourite of architects and home designers. These homes create the illusion of space and help bring your home together.

Open Planned Homes

Here are our favorite open planned home designs that will leave you gasping for breath and wanting to tear down the walls in your home yourself: 

Aesthetic flow

Basic concepts such as flooring, lighting and the overall style should be similar. Nothing that defeats the purpose of openness should be done. Contrasting colours can be used to complement and accentuate different areas - however contrasting colours should be carefully thought out.

Aesthetic Flow

Winning feature

The purpose of a featured object is to bring all focus towards it and to define the area it is in. And that is a brilliant way to define the functional spaces in an open planned home. The living room could have a beautiful rug that divides it from the rest of the home or this space could adopt a colorful and vibrant sofa with throws and cushions. The kitchen could have stylish counter-tops with texture to make them stand out. 

Winning Feature

Seamless indoors and outdoors

A well-planned open floor design should have a seamless indoor and outdoor flow. The living, dining and kitchen rooms are best connected to the outdoors in the same continuity as this gives the feel of even more openness and it looks extremely stylish. 

Seamless Indoor and Outdoor

Lights will guide you

Create sections by using the magic of lighting. Different fixtures in different areas of the space will define rooms and give them their own distinctive look and feel. A beautiful chandelier hanging atop the living room area could serve as the defining light as well as the defining feature. Pendant lights are ideal for the dining and kitchen spaces for more use of focused lighting. 

Feature Piece

Lots of glass

Taking things a step further and toying with the concept of openness, use glass walls, doors, windows and ceilings. With light making way for an even more fresh and bright look, glass work is sure to turn your living space into an inspiration.

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