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Simple feng shui tips

4th Jun '16 • By Emily Ayers

There are several benefits in incorporating Feng Shui in your home. According to experts, Feng Shui can help you create an optimal environment that uses and re-generates energy positively.


It is a nourishing way to learn and prepare your home for a better tomorrow. Feng Shui is nothing but the eyes of positive energy. A lot of people who have experienced the benefits of Feng Shui feel happy and overwhelmed by its benefits. They believe that all wrong has left and only positives are left.

Using Mirrors the Right Way

The list of Feng Shui tips begins with “Mirrors”. This is a very important and powerful object that can help you redirect energy effectively. Mirrors have the ability to cure many things. The effect of having mirrors in your house differs from one to another. It depends on where it is placed, how far you are from it and who is looking at it. When mirrors are used properly, you can activate space, expand space and add energy to space. Indeed, you will be able to draw boundaries and get rid of negative energy. These are few prominent effects of using mirrors in your home as a part of Feng Shui.


Mirrors can call energy and light into rooms. This is how it expands space and gives rooms’ better space. Try to imagine this: you enter into a beautiful home and you feel expansiveness and openness. These are physiological feelings that can make you sense the presence of opportunities. That is why Feng Shui suggests the use of mirrors at the end of hallways.

All About Balance

The key to healthy life would be “Balance”. Several things should be balanced with one another to lead a fresh life that is spiritually connected. When you have water in empty spaces, you will be able to see opportunities and feel fresh. After all, water is all about being nourished and routing energy properly.


Mirrors tend to double whatever that is reflected. That is why you should be very careful when positioning mirrors in your home. Always bear in mind that water from the center of your house can bring positive energy into your home and life. This energy gets translated into money and good energy. To experience a better tomorrow, this energy can be reflected and redirected in a personalised way. Meanwhile, you should remember to draw clean boundaries that can send negative energy away.

Removing clutter from your home, planting trees and adding colours are all ways to improve your homes Feng Shui.

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