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Small steps for a professional home makeover

5th Sep '17 • By Kerena Berry

Interior design is so much more than just functionality. It’s the reason you feel so relaxed when you walk into a day spa and then so stressed when you come home to a messy kitchen. Interior design can affect our mood, psychology and motivation.

Professional Home Makeover

Before you even start planning for your interior design project, you need to narrow down your own personal style.

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Style Quiz

When commencing your interior design journey, it is important to plan ahead to avoid ending up with a miss matched style and an empty pocket to show for it. As Benjamin Franklin said “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Now you have your personal style narrowed down, and style boards to give you guidance, it’s time to follow the steps to guide your project and give your interior design a professional look.

1. The Design Brief

This step is crucial, to ensure your interior design project doesn’t end up being a comedy story for friends and family.

You want to first picture exactly what the end result will look like and map out the room. Once you have your idea, set a reasonable budget that doesn’t break the bank. Also consider the lifetime of the design; you don’t want a winter wonderland feel, in the middle of summer. Lastly, set an end date to ensure your project isn’t drawn out for months… or even years.

Planning Home Layout

2. The before-you-go-shopping-crazy phase

Prior to jumping in the deep end and walking around aimlessly through several (or several hundred) home wear shops, do your research!

Compare prices and alternatives of major items, to ensure you aren’t sitting on a $10,000 couch and hating every moment of it. Check original brief and measurements when considering furniture (hot tip: cut newspaper to the size of the furniture to get a real feel for living with the item). Another popular idea, is to splurge on ONE big feature item.

Colourful Room

3. Resisting impulsive buys

Something occurs between the design stage and the moment people walk into a store… unnecessary items are brought, the budget is blown out of the water and people are left with 7 different styles of furniture and an empty bank account.

Interior Design Beach Home

To avoid this outbreak of impulsive buying; always keep your mood/style board handy. Always try to buy products with warranty, to take the weight of guilt off your shoulders. Also, consider the furniture’s functionality (a two seat couch is no good for a five member family).

Unfortunately our design can’t come to life with the click of our fingers, so if things are taking longer than expected, don’t be put off. If you are in doubt about your decisions, consult in-store designers or online designers (such as Designbx), who can provide a design service from the comfort of your own home.

Kerena Berry is co-founder and Head of Interior Design at, Australia’s first online interior design solution.

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