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Doing a kitchen renovation on a budget

13th Aug '22 • By

These five budget kitchens remodel ideas prove you won’t have to break the bank to make a dramatic improvement to your space.

Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, its frequent use and visibility make it a room that should ideally be kept in the best condition. Whether you're doing smaller house repairs or opting for a complete renovation project, a kitchen renovation is a perfect way to begin making some changes. Kitchen renovations will cost anything from $5,000 to $45,000 or more depending on what you are taking on. To get an idea of all the aspects involved, we recommend reading our kitchen renovation cost guide

In the meantime, these five budget kitchens remodel ideas prove you won’t have to break the bank to make a dramatic improvement to your space.


1. Don’t Change the Layout

Changing your kitchen design dramatically is the easiest way to increase the remodelling budget. Changing the plumbing for the sink or dishwasher for example, generally requires hiring a plumber. To install fresh pipes, they'll have to punch holes in the walls, which will contribute to the cost of supplies on top of the labour. Keeping the kitchen design basically the same when upgrading the elements inside the structure, on the other hand, is much more cost-effective. You won't have to install any new plumbing or electrical in most cases.

The easiest way to transform the appearance of your kitchen is to replace the flooring. Add big charcoal or neutral-coloured tiles to the room for a totally different look and feel.

2. Do a Paint Makeover

If you want to make a big change on a budget, paint is your way to go. You can improve many elements of the kitchen with a fresh coat of paint. Choose which elements need to be refreshed, from the walls to the cabinets, and get to work. Giving the kitchen walls a coat of subdued colour is one way to make your kitchen design more timeless. Paint the interior of your kitchen cabinets for a new look if you have a vintage kitchen. Giving the ceilings, door, window frames and walls a couple of coats of a glossy, neutral colour or white can immediately brighten up a dull, tired room.


3. New Benchtop

The kitchen benchtop is probably the most distinguishing feature of the space, and it adds to the character you're hoping to achieve. Moreover, having the right kitchen benchtop means that your kitchen is efficient. When cooking, the kitchen benchtops are where you prep your ingredients, cook meals, and keep everything you need. Make sure the material you use for your benchtops is high-quality, comes with a good warranty, is corrosion, fire, and water-resistant, and is easy to clean. Natural granite or engineered stone benchtops would be immune to all of the above if you want a durable product. 

Cheaper materials are more likely to scratch, chip, and stain, meaning they'll eventually cost you more in the long run.

4. Update Your Tiles

The backsplash tiles should be modern, long-lasting, and complementary to the overall design of the kitchen. Geometric tiles are one of the most common designs available today. They offer an otherwise plain kitchen a nice pop of colour, style, and boldness. If you want to swap your old, dull backsplash with a new, fancier pattern, geometric tiles might be the way to go.

If you prefer minimalism and aren’t a fan of bright colours in your kitchen, geometric tiles also look amazing with a neutral colour scheme. When done correctly, geometric tiles with delicate styles blend into the colour scheme of the room and can help you make the place look fresh and minimal without making it dull. If you can’t DIY this, hire a professional. A reputable tradie will always provide you with detailed kitchen renovation quotes.


5. Improve Your Storage

In a small apartment, having a floor-to-ceiling pantry is a great perk. An increasing majority of homeowners are opting for floor-to-ceiling cabinets in modern homes. If you don't have enough counter space elsewhere in the room, this is a perfect place to add a lot of storage. For a small space, this type of cabinet creates plenty of storage without compromising the look of the kitchen. A pantry with a sliding door, open wall cabinets, and a well-designed floor plan helps reduce clutter in your space.

These tips will help you get a head start on a more affordable kitchen renovation to suit your budget and available space.

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