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How to make your kitchen a more interesting space

10th Jul '17 • By Jason Keegan

If you’re looking to add more personality into your kitchen, we have 5 of our best ideas to make your kitchen a more interesting space.

Beautiful Rug

What better way to add interest to your kitchen than adding a beautiful rug. They are a great way to add texture and dimension to the space. If you’re kitchen has a neutral theme, placing a colourful rug in the centre of the room can help brighten the space. Moreover, a rug will provide comfort underfoot and help you stay warmer in winter. However, make sure you keep spills to a minimum or purchase a hardy rug that can stand regular cleaning. 

Beautiful Rug

Herb Gardening 

Green is a wondrous colour. Especially when it comes from beautiful plants. In order to make your kitchen more interesting, we suggest adding a few pots of herbs and spices. Place a small herb garden on the kitchen windowsill where they can get direct sunlight and fresh air. Some of the best kitchen herbs are basil, oregano, mint, rosemary and parsley. In addition to access to fresh herbs, your kitchen will smell divine!  

Herb Garden

Pendant Lights

The importance of good lighting cannot be stressed enough in the kitchen. Lights have the power to turn even the plainest space into something special. Putting up decorative lights can give your kitchen just what you’re looking for. Pendant lights are our favourite option, they can hang over the island bench or bar and come in different shapes and sizes. Hung in the center of the kitchen, they bring together all the design aspects of the kitchen, making it look brighter and more beautiful. 

Pendant Lighting

Small Dining Area

Turning your kitchen into an eat-in area can certainly set it apart. Usually, dining rooms are separate from the kitchen, or in accordance to the more recent design and décor, we have open kitchen to dining rooms that seamlessly transition into one another. Having a small dining area in your kitchen is what we’re talking about. You can add a small table with two to four chairs and place it in one corner of the kitchen. 

Small Dining Table

Update Splashback

One of the best ways you can show your creativity is by choosing a beautiful splashback that looks great while serving its purpose. Trending splashback designs are geometric tiles, tinted glass and natural brickwork.

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