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Facts about tree trimming

19th Jun '16 • By Emily Ayers

Tree trimming is important for plant health and aesthetic appeal. It is a strategic method to promote the growth of healthy, strong trees.


Before you trim a tree, you should understand the basics. Adopting the right tree trimming methods will keep you and your tree safe.

The Best Time

The best time to trim a tree is in the winter months, when it is dormant. Although, you can prune most trees anytime, for best results trim during winter.

How to Trim

When you trim a tree yourself, make sure to cut close to the tree’s collar and prevent points that are affected by insects or diseases. Never cut off a big tree or leave serious cuts on important branches. These activities can cause serious damage to the tree. Sometimes, the trees may look thin, ugly and disproportionate. This is why tree trimming should usually be left to the professionals.


  • Small plants / flowers: pruning scissors
  • Small trees: shears
  • Hard to reach: extendable tree pruner
  • Large Trees: Tree Lopper

Last but certainly not least, you should abide to various tree trimming safety regulations. Here are few such safety measures:

Don’t trim trees from a ladder. Always accomplish the task from a secure point.

Always wear safety glasses and a hard hat before trimming large tree. Unexpected debris, falling limbs and flying splinters can cause harm.


Don’t trim major branches by yourself. Let the professionals accomplish this job.

On the whole, tree trimming is an important job that has to be done with proper techniques and tools. If the tree trimming task is too much to handle, make sure you talk to an arborist. They will help you remove any high hanging branches and give you any relevant advice.

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