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5 most popular exterior painting colours

22nd Oct '21 • By Shreya Kulkarni

If you are looking to repaint your house, take a look at the 5 most popular colours for your interiors. Starting with off white which is our most popular one and then dusty charcoal, moss green, muted grey and lastly, our favourite, cream. Which exterior colour is your favourite?

The exteriors of your home are less likely susceptible to design trends, but there is still emerging exterior designs that you can consider to make your home look more welcoming. The exterior paint is one of the most important aspects of home design, and it has always been a way to make your home stand out.

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  • Five Most Popular Exterior Colours
  • Home Exterior Painting Tips
  • Why invest in a professional exterior painting service?

Five Most Popular Exterior Colours

The exteriors of your home define its appeal and make it look more attractive when seen on the block. It is very important to choose exterior colours that are on-trend to make your house stand out. Note that these colours are not just on-trend for aesthetic reasons. There are colours that are set for the purpose of complementing the current season. For instance, light colours are the exterior colours during summer, while dark ones work most likely in the cold season. 

In any season, colour is an important aspect of the home exterior. So, here are five of the most popular exterior colours that you can consider to make your home the talk of the block.

Dusty Charcoal

Although it is dark, dusty charcoal has been one of the most popular exterior colours. It immediately catches the eye of people seeing the houses with such colour. It is also a colour that fits wood doors and windows, which defines the exterior features of your home. While dusty charcoal is plain, its dark hue brings an edge to the body of your home. It makes your home stand out among many others who are used to traditional exterior colours.

Shades of green

The shades of green have been one of the most used exterior colours. Shades of green are relaxing to the eyes, and it creates a welcoming exterior for your home. Moss green is one of the most famous shades of green paint for the exterior. It can be coupled with cream or white highlights, which make your interior look like a big mirror of nature. It also mixes well for wood and brown exterior features.


Off-white exteriors never go out of style. It is one of the most famous exterior colours because of its versatility. It compliments whether grand or simple exterior features. Off-white exterior looks like a big blank canvas with intricate details on its surface. An off-white exterior stands out with a variety of exterior woodworks and plants. It fits in almost all kinds of exterior designs, and pulling up a great off-white exterior makes your home look brighter and comforting even at a glance on the outside.


Another known versatile colour is cream. The cream colour looks very plain and neutral, but it complements a wide range of exterior designs, from rustic to modern designs. Cream colour gained its popularity because of the unique and minimalistic edge that it gives to home exteriors. Although cream has been a common colour, it has always been a top choice for people who wants to maintain a neat-looking exterior with a bit of flavour other than white.

Muted Grey

Muted grey exterior gained popularity from its soft and toned down colour. It is grey but with a light and soft hue that does not sacrifice the edge it gives to the outside feature of your home. This kind of exterior fits mostly for modern exterior designs. Its softness creates an impression of comfort and style at the same time.

Home Exterior Painting Tips

If you have already decided on the exterior colour you want for your home, here are some painting tips you can consider as you venture into painting your home exteriors.

Hire A Professional Painter

One of the most important things you can consider if you want an efficient exterior painting job is to hire a professional painter. Painters can work in a wide range of services, from repair to maintenance of the surfaces of your home. You can also consult the colour and type of paint to use for your home exterior. If you are wondering how much a painter costs, we have prepared an extensive guide for you.

Be Mindful Of The Weather

Ensure that you will start your home exterior painting project under good weather. Do not start near or during the rainy season. The rain will make it difficult for the paint to dry, and it may further wash out the surface of your home exterior. It will destroy the painted surface. Working in rainy weather will only prolong the job, increase your expenses, and cause hassle to the overall preparation and painting process.

Have A Colour Scheme

Before you start venturing on the painting job, ensure that you already have a colour scheme. You can do that by yourself or consult the painter. The painter can help you choose a colour scheme for your exteriors, and you have to ensure that it complements your exterior. In that way, you are guided to what colour and brand of paint you will buy.

Why Invest In A Professional Exterior Painting Service?

Professional painting service is your best option if you want to have an efficient and well-polished home exterior. But before hiring, you first need to have prospects. You can get the best deals in your area by getting free quotes from local painters and getting to know the service they offer. Here are the benefits of investing in a professional exterior painting service.

  • A professional exterior painting service allows you to save time and energy by entrusting the painter to get into details that suit your preference.
  • A professional exterior painting service allows you to save money because you do not need to stock paints and painting tools. All of these are included in your payment for an exterior painting job.
  • A professional exterior painting service allows you to have choices of polish finishing, such as glossy or matte surface finish.
  • A professional exterior painting service can be finished within a specific time frame, as early as needed, without sacrificing the quality of the exterior painting service.
  • A professional exterior painting service has always been the most efficient option. It allows you to incorporate your preference in the design of your home exterior without sacrificing the quality of the job done.


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