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5 most popular interior painting colours

22nd Oct '21 • By Shreya Kulkarni

If you are looking to repaint your house, take a look at the 5 most popular colours for your interiors. Starting with pure white which is our most popular one and then pale grey, sea salt, sage and lastly, our favourite, baby blue. Which interior colour is your favourite?

The interior of your home sets the ambience and comfort for you and your loved ones. It is essential that you paint your walls and ceilings with colours that please your eyes and makes you feel at ease. Colours are, in fact, mood changes, and they can easily uplift your feelings and create an impression on you. Here are the colours you must have inside your home to make it more welcoming and comfortable.

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  • Five Most Popular Interior Colours
  • What is the importance of house interior painting?
  • What are the benefits of a professional house painting service?

Five Most Popular Interior Colors

Choosing the best interior colour for your home can be daunting. You have a lot of shades, sheens, and an array of colours to choose from. In a more complicated sense, you are left with the task of choosing a set of colours that complement each other. You have to coordinate the colours of the rooms and other surfaces. You can consult your colour preference with a professional painter, or you can choose among these five most popular interior colours.

Pure White

Most of the popular home interior colours are neutral, such as white. A pure white colour will never go wrong when it comes to the ceiling, walls, and other surfaces. A pure white colour is versatile, and it can fit almost all types of interior design. Its soft, warm, and toupe tone is very versatile and very calm. Pure white pain is your best option if you want a neat and straightforward ambience for your home.

Classic Grey

The walls of rooms painted with classic grey appear to be an off-white colour that exhibits sophistication and elegance. It is mainly used to paint a whole house, including bedrooms, kitchen, and living room. Classic grey can be a substitute for white if you do not want a room that is not too bright nor too dark. It gives off a neutral vibe that just rides your mood. 

Sea Salt 

Sea Salt is a popular neutral interior colour that looks different under varying room lightings. It has become widely used for interior paint colours. Sea Salt looks like a combination of slightly grey colour to green. Sea salt created a trend as it blends perfectly with white surface highlights. So, if you want a relaxed vibe for your interior, Sea Salt is your best choice for the home interior colour. It is a relaxing colour that gives off a cooler-leaning vibe than its blue undertones.


One of the best ways to give your interior a soft-looking finish and put a colour that complements a variety of interior elements and designs. This colour is a standard in design, architecture, and even fashion. Its versatility is best paired with rust and earth brown elements. Sage is mainly used for mid-century modern houses, whether for interiors with minimalist style or those that have pop designs and intricate details.

Baby Blue

Baby Blue is a light and fun colour. It gives off a simple vibe which gives you the chance to go all out with your home interior. Although it has a simple hue, it is still one of the interior colours in trend. Just like the sea salt, it is also versatile and fits many interior design themes. It also changes its colour depending on the quality of light. But unlike Sea Salt, Baby Blue gives off a beachy/ocean vibe. Its colour is emphasized when it is mixed with white surface highlights. You can pair this colour with light or dark interiors. Anything is possible

What is the importance of house interior painting?

Interior painting is an important aspect of a home interior design. The walls and ceilings are just empty canvases where you can channel your creativity, and painting them with colours that complement your personality or set the vibes that you want for your home is the best way to do that. But you might ask why do you need to paint your interior. Here are the importance and benefits of interior painting.

Interior Painting Adds Value To Your Home

While it is true that interior paints and painting service is rarely cheap, it is one way of increasing the value of your home. Not just because the paint makes it look glamorous and expensive, but because the interior of your home, from the paint up to the pieces of furniture, are all investments. You must ensure that your money goes to investments worth the money, time, and energy. Supposed that you plan to sell your house, you can sell it with a slightly higher value because of its interior paint and the quality of its surface.

Interior Painting Affects The Air Quality Of Your Household

If you are allergic to the smell of chemicals, your interior painting can be a factor that helps you get rid of your allergy and improve the quality of air circulating inside your home. There are interior paints with minimal chemical content and gives off a good smell. In this way, no chemical odour gets into the air, and only fresh air circulates inside your home.

Interior Painting Is A Protective Coating To Your Wall

Interior painting is not just for aesthetics. It is also a way to protect the surface of your wall, whether it is concrete, wood, or any other material. Interior painting is done with multiple coatings of paint to even out the colour into the surface and create a strong coating that can bear the wear and tear of daily life without damaging the main surface of your walls and ceiling. It is easier to change interior painting than to repair holes and damages on the surface of walls and ceilings.

What are the benefits of a professional house painting service?

If you want a high-quality and excellent polish finish, invest in a professional painting service. Interior painting for your whole house or even just a room in your house can be very messy if you do it independently. Even people with prior experience of painting walls and ceilings can easily mess up a painting job. That is why it is important to let a professional painter serve you.

You can get free quotes from local painters to get the best deals in your area. Here are the benefits of investing in a professional house painting service. If you are wondering how much a painter costs, we have prepared an extensive guide for you.

  • A professional house interior painting service is cost and time-efficient because it does not require you to complete the job. There are skilled and experienced professionals to facilitate the service.
  • A professional house interior painting service allows you to get a clean and almost perfect polish.
  • A professional house interior painting service may include wall repairs that you can also avail of to maintain your home's surfaces.
  • A professional house interior painting service allows you to incorporate your interior design preference into the colour of your home interior. 
  • A professional house interior painting service allows you to get your walls and ceilings an excellent finish without buying the paints and painting tools. All of these are included in the service you will pay for.


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