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6 rooms that need an australian themed wallpaper mural

6th Jul '17 • By Nicole Yeardley

Wallpaper is back in fashion and what other way to embrace this trend than to install an Australia- themed wallpaper mural?With breathtaking city skylines to endless stretches of white beaches, we all know that Australia is one of the most picturesque countries in the world. In this post, we show you how to capture those precious views in every room, whether it be at home or the workplace.

Australian Themed Wallpaper Design

1. The Bedroom

Every bedroom should be a place to zone out and chill out. Opt for a night time skyline wallpaper of your favourite Australian views to create a cosy room to relax in.

Bedroom Wallpaper‘Sydney Harbour Bridge’ wallpaper

2. The Living Room

There are so many Australia wallpapers that could create a stunning feature wall in your living room! Depending on your style, you could bring the beach home, create amazing views with wallpapers featuring breathtaking, Australian scenery, or you could go patriotic with a modern twist.

Living Room Wallpaper
‘Australian Flag on Wood’ wallpaper

3. The Kid’s Room

We wouldn’t want to leave out the kids! Consider a wallpaper that’s colourful and playful, perhaps one that’s even illustrated. This could be a great way to help you create a gender-neutral bedroom.

Kids Room Wallpaper‘Boab Trees’ wallpaper

4. The Kitchen

Beach wallpaper is always a kitchen favourite! They’re light and bright and give you desirable views. From Bondi Beach to Whitehaven Beach, have a glimpse of the Australian coastline in your kitchen.

Kitchen Wallpaper
‘Whitehaven Beach’ wallpaper

5. The Office

Why should the office be formal and dull? Have some fun and see staff engagement rise with an inspirational skyline wallpaper. Whether your favourite Australian city is Melbourne or Sydney, opt for a daytime image to bring fresh décor to your workspace.

The Office Wallpaper
‘Melbourne Skyline’ wallpaper

6. Commercial Spaces

Wallpaper murals aren’t just for homes, businesses can refresh their décor with them too. From restaurants and hotels to hospitals and dentist surgeries, liven up your space and impress customers with an Australian wallpaper.

Commercial Space
‘Colourful Beach Huts’ wallpaper

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