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How to decorate with green

22nd Jun '20 • By Rohit Mankame

When it comes to interior design, green can be a great colour choice. There are many shades of green out there that can be mixed with different colours to create a great feel in any room. Alternatively, you can simply mix shades of green between themselves and get a great interior.

The color green is thought to bring balance and harmony to its surroundings so it’s no wonder that it’s a favorite choice in interior design. Aside from its psychology, its relation to the outdoors and particularly to spring and summer makes it a great colour to combine with others, after all, every flower has a green stem, no matter what colour. 

This means that a pop of any other colour will not look out of place even in a monochromatic green scheme and is the kind of interior design that can grow.

If you're a fan of strong colours, you'll find a green shade to suit you easily. Dramatic and vibrant but above all serene. Decorate with emerald, olive or woodland for an interior you will never forget. These shades have the remarkable ability to make you feel snug yet cool in summer in winter. 

When it comes to interior design, green is a great colour choice. Choosing the right colour green for your space can be hard, so we've compiled a bunch of examples to help you decide.


What shade of green should you choose? Well, it depends on what mood you’d like your room to portray. For example, pastel shades of green go very well with white. This is especially true for the bathroom and kitchen, where a feeling of cleanliness is needed. The colour green represents good health and wealth and for this reason, green can introduce good feng shui to your home. The following blog enlists ways in which we can use the colour green when designing interiors.


 Add a green accent wall

The best way to do this is to paint your interior with the green colour, and while the simplest thing to do is to paint a single accent wall, a much more dramatic option is to extend the accent wall into the surrounding planes. The surrounding planes can be a piece of furniture that is colour coded to the colour of the wall. If you want to further integrate it, you can match the fabric of the upholstery to the same hue of the green.

Another option is to combine white and cream with green to create a smart look for the room. If the room catches a lot of sunshine, then green with a blue base balances better. On the other hand, muted green sits better with pink, lavender shades, and scarlet – just be sure to get the elements right.

Dusky pink, along with cream and pale wood, offer an English-countryside ambiance to your space.


Want a contemporary feel? Then mixing bright green with black and white will offer you exactly that.


Use green tiles 

Tiles come in different sizes and shapes as well as many different colours. Tiles can be used in patterns to enhance the look and feel of the room, but you can always ask your local tiler. Tiles also give the ability to play with hazy colours, something to do with other materials. Using handmade tiles with their irregular shapes, edges, thickness and colourations soften the aesthetic of modern carpentry while creating a background of colour on an otherwise neutral backdrop.

Using plants 

Try hanging plants from different heights in the ceilings to create visual effect. Plants also fill in any dead space in the space. Moreover, using plants is a very versatile concept. They can be used to fill out large spaces in walls where a large piece of furniture would not fit. 

As plants are alive they give out an indication that the house is loved and lived-in. Nature tends to invigorate us, and it helps to have greenery that adds life to the space. 

Use wallpaper 

Sometimes the best place to put a colour is on the ceiling and if you want that colour to be part of a pattern, paint may not be the best option but then tile isn’t either. This is where wallpaper comes in handy. 

The most popular green options out there are classic bottle green and British racing green. However, for more contemporary designs add some teal blue in the background. Teal blue goes well with dark greens, especially for rooms that get plenty natural light. However, if there is not enough sunlight, these colour schemes can make a room appear uninviting. Instead, opt for lighter or bolder accent colour options.


Home decor using green is a great way of getting the outdoors in. It helps improve your mood and get rid of your negative emotions. 

The shades of green are soothing, and aid the space to feel peaceful. Decorating with green helps relieve the pain and muscle stress as the body relaxes and regenerates its cells. Green when combined with blue creates balance and gives modern home interiors harmony. 

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