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House moving checklist for your next move

11th Oct '21 • By Shreya Kulkarni

Moving houses is stressful and never easy. So, we have created this checklist going back 8 weeks to make your next move easy and comfortable.

Moving has always been busy, complex, and stressful. You have to ensure that all your belongings are packed, plus get professional help for the transit and unpacking them for a new beginning in a new space. Whether you are moving for a growing family, a new job opportunity, upgrade for a living, or just taking up your own space, moving to another house is a crucial phase. But worry no more because professional removalists will help you to overcome this phase.

house-moving-checklistArticle Overview

  • How to organize and prepare for your next move?
  • What should be included in your house moving checklist?
  • What is the benefit of a house moving checklist?

How to organize and prepare for your next move?

Moving to another house needs preparation and organization. You have to ensure that nothing important is left behind and nothing unimportant will take up space in your new home. Thorough preparation of time and budget and other necessary resources are needed to successfully move to a new house. Here is a guide you can consider for every phase of preparation before you move out.

1. Create a timeline

A timeline is a very important aspect of moving out and into your new house. This phase can be time-consuming, and you have to make sure that the job will be accomplished right on time. A timeline will help you stay on track with the daily work that needs to be done in the phase of moving out and transitioning to living in your new home.

A timeline also allows you to start planning early before you move out. Hence, you have more time to settle the services and assistance you need when you move out.

2. Prepare your budget

It is important to prepare enough budget when you are about to move out. You will need money to pay for services, such as end-of-lease cleaning, professional removalists, and other essential services. No matter what saving you do, moving from one home to a new one is never cheap. You have to prepare a budget that matches the estimated cost and keep an extra for possible adjustments. If you are wondering how much removalists cost, take a look at the guide we have prepared for you. 

3. Get professional help

It is important to get help from professional removalists to transfer your furniture and necessary belongings to your new home, especially when you have valuable home items that you have been keeping for years and want to handle with utmost care. You can get free professional removalists quotes to get the best and nearest deals in your area. With professional removalists, you can ensure that the items are safe in packing, transit, and unpacking when they reach your new home.

You can get removalists for full-service moving or partial-service moving. With full service moving, the service includes the packing and unpacking of items side from the transit. While in partial-service moving, the packing and unpacking are still negotiable, and you might have other items from other clients while in transit. Of course, full-service moving is more expensive than partial-service moving.

4. Have a checklist

A checklist will be really helpful when you are going to move out. You can list down the things you need to accomplish throughout the process of moving out. You can put the details in your checklist as much as needed for your move. The list will remind you of your priorities as you move out, such as the start of packing, the days that all items should be in transit, and even the schedule of unpacking and arranging their placements. 

You can also create an inventory of the items that will be transported to your new home. You can countercheck your inventory of the removalists to avoid your essential belongings getting lost.


What should be included in your house moving checklist?

Your house moving checklist is very important. It has the essential information about your move. You should be writing your preparation plans in your checklist according to the timeline you created. Here are some of the most important things that must be in your house moving checklist.

8 weeks before you move

  • List down the areas where you will need help. It can be cleaning the area where you will move out, transporting your furniture and other belongings, storing and placing your things in your new house, and all other areas where you need assistance.
  • Set your target dates for every step of moving out and into your new home.
  • Declutter your home. You should decide what you will keep and what you need to let go of. Not everything that you do not need should be thrown away. Consider donating the things that are still functional, but you no longer need in your new home.

6 weeks before you move

  • Walk through your home and look for all important documents and secure them in a safe place. The company, school, and hospital records must be your priority.
  • Get the dimensions of the things that you want to be transported in your new home. The dimensions will be the basis of the cost estimation of transporting the items.
  • Outsource and get quotes from service providers as early as 6 weeks before moving out. In this way, you can have enough time to choose among these trusted and qualified removalists.

4 weeks before you move

  • Hire removalists and agree upon the timeline of moving out and into your new home.
  • Cancel your newspaper and other local service subscription.
  • Start separating the items that you will keep with you, dispose of, and donate.

2 weeks before you move

  • Contact the real estate agent and storage responsible for your move-in, and contact the removalists who will handle your move-out. You can ask for a binding estimate from professional removalists.
  • Dispose of items you already decided to dispose of, and send out those you want to donate.
  • Start packing small items, such as clothes, home decors, kitchen supplies, sanitary supplies, food supplies, and the likes.
  • If you have internet, cable television, aircon, and other installations, call the utility company to remove them and install them again in your new home.
  • If you live in an apartment or condominium and reside on higher floors, talk to the building manager and reserve one loading elevator so you will not be interrupted as the professional removalists move your things out.

1 week before you move

  • Designate a box for the supplies you need for immediate use, such as medications, toiletries, clothes, and level the boxes as ‘open first.’
  • Defrost your refrigerator and disassemble furniture and appliances.
  • Round up garage door openers, round keys, mail keys, and other lock keys for the new owner.
  • Let the removalists start packing and boxing the items that need to be transported to your new home. If you choose partial service, start packing your items.

Moving Day

  • All items should be packed. Countercheck your inventory with the professional removalists’ inventory and have it signed to ensure that you do not miss out on any important things.
  • Ensure that the removalists have the correct address of your new house and your contact number.
  • Do a final walkthrough in your home, and inspect the truck before your items go to transit.

Arriving Day

  • Begin unpacking the items, and refer to the counterchecked inventory to ensure that all your belongings are complete and damage-free.
  • Put your furniture and other items on their temporary placements.
  • Plug your essential appliances, such as an electric fan, refrigerator, and check if all the lights are properly working.

What is the benefit of a house moving checklist?

With a house moving checklist, you can ensure that you are working within realistic expectations. The checklist serves as your guide and reminder of what you need to accomplish within a specific time frame. It is an effective way to not miss out on any detail as you move in and out. Hence, the process is time and cost-efficient. No delays, no inconveniences, and you are sure that the job will be done right on time and within your budget.


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