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How much do removalists cost? | 2024 cost guide

11th Feb '24 • By Shreya Kulkarni

Whether you're moving from your old home to a new one, moving into a new office, downsizing for your retirement, or just wanting to upgrade to a bigger space, you'll need the help of a professional removalist.

If you don't have friends and family to help you lift items and move in or out, a removalist can do the heavy lifting for you!

Here's what you need to know about hiring a removalist in 2024.

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Article Overview

  • How much do removalists cost?
  • How much is the approximate cost of furniture removal?
  • What factors influence the cost of furniture removal?


How much do removalists cost?

A removalist costs anywhere from $120/hour to $250/hour, but there are various factors that can affect the cost of paying for removalists’ services, such as the distance of the place where you will move, the amount of furniture and belongings that you want to move, and if you need the full service of removalists or you will opt to pack your belongings yourself. But if you want to save time and energy when moving from one place to another, it is a better decision to have a removalist pack your things before they move them to your new place.

There are removalists who charge hourly rates, and there are removalists who charge by the half-hour. For interstate moves, there are removalists who charge by cubic meter or according to the number of belongings you have per box or per item. The total cost of a removalist’s service can range from approximately $300 to $7,000, depending on your area and whether you move interstate, the service package you choose, and the circumstances in the process of moving your furniture and belongings.


How much is the cost of furniture removal?

You can get multiple quotes from local removalists to get the best deals in your area. You can expect the quotes to range from $120/hour to $250/hour without insurance or the packaging service to have your belongings sealed and ready to be transported. Suppose you want to ensure that your furniture and belongings are secured, and the removalists will take full accountability for any damage done during the packaging and unpacking of your furniture and belongings. In that case, you can get a premium service that includes packaging and insurance for a price that starts at $250 an hour.

Some removalists are particular about the number of rooms included and the whether your furniture and belongings are heavy. You can expect the following charge depending upon the number of rooms and the hours of service.

  • $120/hr for a 1 bedroom apartment, with 2 movers that usually take 3 - 5 hours to complete the move.
  • $150/hr for a small 3 bedroom apartment, with 3 movers that usually takes 4 - 6 hours to complete the move.
  • $230/hr for a large 3 bedroom home, with 4 movers that usually take 6 - 8 hours to complete the move.
  • $300/hr for a large family home that has 4+ bedrooms, with 5 movers and usually takes 7 - 9 hours to complete the move.

If you want to hire local city removalists, you can expect to pay $100/hr for a 3-bedroom unit with 2 movers, truck, and petrol. Insurance is included in this service package, and you can add other movers for extra per additional mover. In comparison, interstate removalists cost $3,500 to $7,000 from Sydney to Melbourne, for example. This service package is perfect for 3 bedrooms in a house with 2 movers. The insurance in the packaging and unpacking is also included in this service.


Factors Influencing the Cost of Furniture Removal

Different factors affect the cost of the services of removalists. Here are some factors that might help you figure out how much budget you need for a removalist. 

  1. Area of the Property You Are Moving From

In determining the cost of a removalist’s service, the area of the property you are moving from is an important concern. The removalist may charge lesser for a one-bedroom apartment than a home with three bedrooms. It is because the larger the area, the more furniture and belongings it holds. A removal service takes more time and manpower to move furniture and belongings from a bigger property. It will also need a bigger vehicle, such as a truck, to transport all the furniture and belongings from the old property to the new one.

  1. Time and Distance

Time and distance are also major factors that affect the cost of removal services. The time directly affects the cost if the rate of the payment is hourly, while the distance that the transportation covers will also be charged to the customer. Another thing that might affect time is the packaging and unpacking of your furniture and belongings as you move out and move into your new property.

  1. Difficulty of the Service and Transportation

Of course, the difficulty of the service determines the cost of the service. If you have small to medium-sized furniture and you are moving 10–30 km from your old property, then removal service will be cheaper for you. The complexity determines the effort that removalists need to exert to finish the job. So when you hire a removalist, you are also paying for the experience, expertise, and skills that they use to accomplish the job right on time.

The more furniture and belongings you have, the more complex the job is, and the more distance will be covered as it will not likely be done in just one trip. Most of the time, for complex jobs with more rooms, furniture, and belongings, removalists need to visit the property at subsequent times within the day to be able to move everything you need to the new property.

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