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How much does pool maintenance cost? | 2024 cost guide

11th Feb '24 • By Jared Jeffery

If you own a pool, it's helpful to know how much you should spend on maintenance. Why?

Firstly, so you know what the average costs are, which can help you determine what is reasonable and unreasonable to pay for this service.

Secondly, so that you can budget for it! We recommend budgeting for everything — not only will this prevent unexpected bills from interrupting your weekly spending, but it ultimately helps you save too. 

We provide you with all the relevant costs associated with pool maintenance below, plus some helpful tips and tricks for owning and running a healthy pool.

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Article Overview

  • Australian Pool Ownership
  • Pool Maintenance Cost Breakdown
  • Pool Parts Cost Breakdown 
  • Where to Save on Pool Maintenance Costs
  • Pool Maintenance FAQs


Australian Pool Ownership

Living in Australia means pristine sunshine and mint swimming conditions almost all year round, which leads to many of us choosing to invest in a pool. 

Aussies love pools so much that we take the trophy for the highest number of pools per capita globally. It's estimated that around 1.2 million pools are enjoyed nationwide for dipping, diving, and splashing around. The figures show that Perth has the highest percentage of pools per capita at 18%, while regional QLD is right behind them at 17%.

Pool Maintenance Cost Breakdown 

While pool maintenance costs vary depending on your size and type of pool (among other factors), most Australians spend between $600 and $1,500 a year on pool maintenance. 

However, it can cost more than this. No matter what kind of pool you have, it will need to be cleaned and maintained on a semi-regular basis. 

Pool Pump Maintenance 

A pool pump is essential. You can expect to pay $110 monthly in summer and $80 per winter to run one. So, you can round that up to about $1,200 per year, considering that the pump will run for 10 hours a day on average. 

Heating Maintenance 

Heating is optional but recommended for cooler locations or very deep pools. The most affordable method of heating is solar, which will cost between $100 to $200 per year. The next tier is electric heating which ranges between $250 to $750 per year. Finally, the most expensive heating option is gas which is between $500 and $1,500 per year. 

Water Level Maintenance 

As we all know, water evaporates (especially in Australia’s heat). As such, you will need to replace lost water throughout the day. This cost can vary and is best sourced from your pool provider. 

Cleaning Products 

If you are taking care of your pool cleaning products yourself, you must invest in a few cleaning essentials. The low-range chemical cleaners begin at around $100. However, once you account for purchasing a net, creepy crawly and chemicals, this cost can reach a couple hundred per year. 

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Hiring a Pool Maintenance Company 

As with most things, you can outsource your pool maintenance to someone who is an expert. provides many professional pool cleaners who are fully equipped for the job. Typically a pool maintenance company will charge around $100 per visit. In summer, you may need monthly visits, but in winter, you can usually get away with fewer. 

If you're looking at installing a pool or moving somewhere with one, it is worth considering whether this facility is worth the extra fees. If you are using it on the regular, then go for it! But if it is likely to be a once-in-a-blue-moon quick dip, we suggest hitting up your local pool instead. 

Pool Parts Cost Breakdown 

Most people forget to account for the cost of pool parts, such as LED lights, filters, pumps, and heaters. The good news is that most of these parts are long-term investments but must still be considered. 

  • Pool Pump: $1,000 approx
  • Solar Pump: $500 approx
  • LED Lights: $320 approx 
  • Solar Heater Installation: $3,800 approx
  • Gas Heater Installation: $3,000 approx
  • Electric Heater Installation: Between $4,500 – $6,000


Where to Save on Pool Maintenance Costs

Here are some tips to save on your pool maintenance costs:

  • Solar heating will cost you much less than other heating options.
  • When heating, don’t go too hot.
  • Saltwater pools are cheaper than chlorine and require less maintenance.  
  • Don’t run your filter all day every day (run it a few hours a day, then turn it off to save on electricity bills) 
  • Invest in a pool cover to protect against dirt and evaporation.
  • If your pool has a waterfall, turn it off regularly to reduce electricity costs. 
  • Invest in a variable-speed pump, which can reduce costs by up to $1,000 overall.
  • Don’t run an automatic cleaner 24/7.

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Pool Maintenance FAQs

How often does a pool need maintenance? 

If you are hiring a pool maintenance company, they will likely come once a month. However, you will have to do a small amount of maintenance regularly or programmed to happen automatically, such as running your filter. 

How long should you wait to swim in your pool after adding chlorine?

It is recommended to wait at least two hours before swimming once adding chlorine. A safe level of chlorine for swimming in is at least 5ppm. 

On average, how much does pool maintenance cost in Australia?

Most Australians spend between $600 and $1,500 a year on pool maintenance costs.

Is a salt pool or a chlorine pool more affordable?

A salt pool will cost less in terms of chemicals and upkeep. It is also less harsh on swimsuits, eyes, and skin than chlorine. 

Further Reading

All the costs quoted were sourced at the time this article was written. They are to be used as an AUD cost guide and may vary locally, and are subject to market changes.

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