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How to keep pets out of gardens?

22nd Dec '21 • By Shreya Kulkarni

Are you worried all your hard work of maintaining a garden is going to be ruined by your pet? Is your garden not friendly? Worry not, here are 6 ways to have pets and a garden at the same time.

Nothing is more aggravating than having all of your hard work in planting and growing a garden undone by a digging dog in a matter of seconds. Here are 6 ways to have pets and a garden at the same time. And don't worry, none of these techniques is harmful to pets or children. These suggestions are for people who don't have a pet-friendly garden.

A reliable pet deterrent can take various forms, from ultrasonic cat repellant to motion-actuated sprinklers. These techniques to avoid your pets from going into your garden will secure your garden from the probable damage of having your playful fur babies around. Good garden space is one great way to increase the value of your property, and you want to maintain it for a long time.

Pets can explore different parts of your home, and it is hard to look over more than one pet as they roam around your living space. It is important to keep your garden protected from any possible intrusion by your playful pets. Maintaining your garden and keeping it protected from possible threats to your plants and other garden elements is a great way to upgrade your home and make it a safe space for your plants and your pets. You can hire a professional gardener to help you set up your garden and install the necessary installations to keep your pets out of the garden.

Learning how to plant the best bulbs is nothing when animals pick it off or play until the bulbs fall off. Cats and dogs are the most common domestic pets that intrude on your garden at any time of the day. That is why you have to secure your garden and be mindful of the presence of your pets. If you do not have experience setting up your garden and protecting it from your pets, you can ask for free gardener quotes and look for the best deal in your area. If you want to pay a reasonable price, you have to know how much the gardener costs and compare the quotes. Here are some of the ways to keep your cats and dogs out of your garden.

Use Animal Repellents

Using animal repellents is a way to upgrade your home by ensuring that animals cannot destroy your garden, especially if you have a food garden that supplies food for your household or sustains your business. Here are different types of repellent you can use.

  1. Citrus

Citrus peels, such as those from lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits, have a strong odour that most pets despise. Add these to your soil after grinding them up and adding coffee grounds for a stronger odour. Every time you water your plants, the smell should return.

Citrus is toxic to some pets. Some people even enjoy the smell. What's the good news? The coffee/citrus mulch can also be used as a plant fertilizer.

  1. Sprays

Non-aerosol pet repellents, such as Non-Aerosol Pet repellents, can help keep cats and dogs out of your yard. Spraying bushes, landscaping, and even outdoor furniture are safe. To protect curious pets from getting into danger, reapply after rain or as needed.

  1. Blood Meal

It’s not like it sound, believe us. Another stinky solution to dogs in the flowerbed is to mix blood meal into the soil. The delicate noses of pets will seek less irritating air. A blood meal is an excellent fertilizer like orange peels and coffee grounds.

  1. Mesh

Animals will not dig in your garden if chicken wire or mesh is installed just beneath the ground. Cut the mesh to fit your plant roots. This option may not be successful if your pet digs. If your pet digs down to the chicken wire, it might cause injury to their paws.

Get fences around your garden

Electronic fences are good at keeping your pets out of your garden, but they can be expensive to employ only for that purpose. However, if you're thinking of installing an electronic fence, you may easily route it around your garden beds. As long as they are high enough, physical fences are fairly successful at keeping pets out. Animals, in general, seek out easier paths, so fences are effective deterrents.


If you have some room in your yard set out for pet-friendly places, they will be less likely to visit your garden, believing it has new litter boxes. A designated sandbox or dirt digging area might keep your dog out of your garden if they prefer to dig. You may need to "scoop" from time to time, but your flowers should not contain any surprises. You can also attract cats by planting a catnip plant or a honeysuckle bush. Honeysuckle has lovely blossoms and a delightful fragrance.

Ultrasonic Trainer

Ultrasonic trainers, such as Petsafe Yard Trainers, can help keep your pet (and others, such as neighbouring outdoor cats) out of your garden. For example, an ultrasonic cat repellant creates a high-frequency sound that pets despise. If you're already using one to train your pet, these are a good option. However, they can be an expensive solution solely to keep pets out of gardens.

Motion Sensor Sprinkle

Sprinklers are motion-activated training aids that keep pets and animal pests at bay. The brief burst of water and sound frightens pets, who recall their unpleasant experience and are unlikely to return. Plus, it beats frantically grabbing spray bottles.

Just keep in mind that the sprinkler can't tell the difference between human and animal! So when you decide to go into your garden, make sure to turn them off. 


Plant prickly thorny flowers or shrubs, such as roses, as an alternative. The thorns irritate our pets just as much as they irritate us. While many of the plants that dogs dislike will merely make them avoid them, some can be damaging to their health.


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