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How much does carpet laying cost? | 2024 cost guide

5th Feb '24 • By Jared Jeffery

Carpet flooring is most commonly seen in bedrooms and living rooms and is great for a cooler climate or for a family with young ones waddling around.

Carpet Laying Costs

A carpet laying job will be charged by the square metre and will vary depending on the type of job. On average, you can expect to pay between $20 and $60 per square metre. For reference, a basic job may cost $20 - $25 per square metre, whereas a wool carpet could be as much as $60 per square metre. 

Carpet is a sturdy and relatively popular flooring choice, is not too expensive, can have a long lifespan and feels great underfoot. 

We dive into how much carpet laying costs in our guide below.

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Article Overview

  • Carpet laying cost breakdown
  • Professional carpet layers 
  • Choosing the right carpet for you
  • Carpet materials — the essentials
  • Carpet considerations
  • Carpet laying FAQs

Carpet Laying Cost Breakdown 

Carpet suppliers typically provide customers with a complete range to pick from. There is a carpet suitable for every need and budget.

Low Range Carpet

Inexpensive Polypropylene Carpet — $20 per square metre

Dyed Nylon Carpet — $40 per square metre

Medium Range Carpet

Basic Wool Carpet — $50 - $60 per square metre

High Range Carpet

High-Quality Nylon/Wool Hybrid — $125 - $150 per square metre 

Alpaca Wool Carpet — $275

Professional Carpet Layers 

The majority of carpet suppliers also offer installation services, and the price you are quoted should include underlay and installation. You should get several quotes and have the carpet installer inspect the site prior to accepting a final quote. This allows you to receive an accurate price without any unexpected additional costs. 

Ask your prospective carpet installer: 

  1. Are you qualified and insured for this job?
  2. Will you provide a written quote?
  3. Can I check your references?
  4. Can you provide examples of your past work?
  5. How long will my job take?
  6. When can you start work?

Bear in mind that the quote will not include moving furniture, floor preparation, removal of old carpet or border installation.

Choosing the Right Carpet for You

Once you have established a budget and chosen a reputable carpet installer, the next step is to choose the right carpet for your needs and personal style. You may wish to consider how often the carpet will require cleaning, if you want an eco-friendly and low-allergen carpet or if you have pets or kids that are likely to stain the carpet.

No matter your reasoning for wanting a new carpet, this flooring choice will add to your home’s interior design in more ways than one. For those looking for a low-maintenance functional carpet, we would recommend going for something more modern. 

The best person to go to for advice on this is your carpet provider. They live and breathe carpets, and they will have a number of options available for you to choose from. Tell them your needs, who you share your home with and your personal taste. 

black dog sitting on beige living room carpet

Carpet Laying Materials — The Essentials

There are five main carpet materials to choose from, which include polypropylene, nylon, natural materials, wool and blends. Let’s break these down.


Polypropylene is the most affordable carpet material, best suited for those on a tight budget or for areas that expect to have a lot of wear and tear. Polypropylene is a plastic and synthetic carpet material widely seen across public facilities with carpeting. 


Nylon is very popular due to its strength and endurance. It is perfect for those homes with young children, pets and direct sunlight. It is also available in a number of stylish options. 

Natural Materials

Natural materials are an optimal choice for those environmentally conscious homeowners, the main options are Sisal carpet, Coir carpet and Seagrass carpet, all of which are hard-wearing and aesthetic.


You will pay more for wool, but this does mean you will have a premium carpet that feels lovely and is highly resistant to spills and stains. This carpet material does require more maintenance than most.


The best option in our opinion! Carpet manufacturers have outdone themselves by combining the lushness of wool with the durability of nylon. You will benefit most from an 80/20 wool/nylon blend — don’t be afraid to have a feel of it under your feet before you buy.

Carpet Laying Considerations

Each carpet fibre/yarn is woven differently, and as such, you can choose between three varieties. 

  1. Cut Pile

Cut pile, as the name implies, is cut at the loop ends, forcing the pile to stand upright. It is typically used for plush, pile twist, and frieze carpet variants. 

  1. Loop Pile

Frequently seen in high-traffic carpet areas, this variant is durable with a smooth finish. 

  1. Combination Pile

A combination pile works by aligning cut and loop piles to form texture or patterns in the carpet. 

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Carpet Laying FAQs

What scale is flooring measured in?

Carpet is typically measured in square metres, but this may vary depending on your choice of professional carpet layer. 

Do carpet professionals remove existing flooring? 

Upon request, most carpet layers will indeed remove existing flooring for you as part of their service but be aware that this may come at an extra cost. 

How important is underlay?

In short, very. It is the foundation of your flooring and ensures your carpet sits well and lasts longer. 

Cost Guides

Please note that all prices mentioned are to be used as an approximate guide only and are accurate at the time of writing. These prices may differ by location and at the discretion of each business.