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Cost of an electrician in geelong

5th Feb '24 • By

If you live in Geelong and have no idea what to expect when hiring an electrician for any installation, repair, or maintenance work, here is our approximate price guide for these electrical services in your region, so you don’t get any shocks when receiving a quote!

cost of an electrician in geelong

Before you choose the right business for the job, it’s important to make sure you can answer the following questions before having the work completed:

  • Is the electrician insured? 
  • Are they licensed?
  • Can they provide a written quote? 
  • Does the sparky have positive customer reviews and legitimate references? 

Some electricians may also charge an extra fee for out-of-hours work such as Sundays, public holidays, or 24-hour emergency work, so it’s always important to ask if this is the case when hiring an electrician during non-standard working hours. It also helps to confirm the extent to which the tradie will be cleaning up after completing the job, so the expectations are transparent to both parties.

Being able to answer these questions ensures that you are choosing the most reputable business that has been completing work to a high standard for previous clients.

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Here are some common jobs you may need to be completed by your local electrician:

Energy Efficient Lighting/LED lighting

Do you want to save money on your power bill and increase the energy efficiency in your home? Installing LED lighting is a great choice, as these types of lighting fixtures have a long life, produce little heat and are extremely energy efficient. The installation of LED lights can cost roughly $60 to $80 per fixture. High-quality LED lights are the recommended option as these will last longer, so you get the most out of the money you’ve spent on installation. Some great LED options include dimmers, sensor lights, and timers. 

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Hot Water Systems

​Having a high-quality hot water system installed will ensure that you have reliable, uninterrupted heated water, which is obviously important for those cold winter mornings when you’re relying on a hot shower to kickstart your day. The cost of the installation will depend on the size of the system and whether it is electric, gas, or solar-powered.

Gas hot water units can roughly cost anywhere between $600 to $1,000, while electric units can range anywhere from $350 to $3,000. Solar hot water systems are more expensive but, in the long run, are a fantastic energy-efficient choice, costing approximately from $3,000 to $5,000. Many electricians charge an hourly rate for their services, for example, $95/hour plus GST plus materials being an estimate in the Geelong area for electrician services. 

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Power Points

If you’ve ever wished you had that one extra power point in a room when the location of the others isn’t convenient, then it might be time to install a few more. You may also want to upgrade current single-socket powerpoints to double sockets. 

Installing new power points in your home is also a great way to increase the value of your property, as it can make for an attractive update to the room by adding a more modern appearance.

The installation of a new power point can cost approximately $140 to $180.

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House Wiring and Rewiring

Wiring your new home or rewiring when you are renovating involves quite a substantial amount of work compared to simply installing a single light, for example. Wiring a new home can involve installing builders' power, power and lighting design and layout, suggestions for energy efficient products such as lighting and air conditioning, and installation of phone/data and TV cabling, working in cooperation with other trades for the build. Rewiring may occur if you have old cabling throughout your home that causes circuits to continuously trip if you’ve had rodent or even fire damage to cabling. This type of job can cost between $450 and $850, depending on the size of the task and its complexity. 

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Ducted Air

Installing ducted air conditioning and heating in your home is the perfect way to ensure you’re comfortable in your home all year round. Installing air con in winter is a great strategy for a number of reasons. The cost associated with installing ducted air conditioning will be determined by the size of the unit, how complex the installation is, and how many rooms it will be reaching. A basic installation in a small home can cost up to $4,000, which increases with the size of your home.

Ducted systems are well worth the investment, though, as they are quiet, can be controlled easily to provide even air distribution, and do not detract from the design or appearance of your home. Ducted heating is not your only option to warm up your home, with there being many eco-friendly ways to stay warm this winter.

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Home Automation

If you want to take your home to the next level and turn it into a user-friendly integration of all your electrical items, such as your lights, phone, computers, air conditioning, home security, and appliances, home automation is the answer! A basic home automation installation in a small home can begin at approximately $20,000 and can extend all the way up to $100,000 for an intricate installation in a very large home. The investment is well worth it for those who are seeking efficiency and perfect synchronisation across many aspects of their home.

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The main message to take home is that the more complex and intricate the work that needs to be done, the more costly it will be. Remember, high-quality work will benefit you by ensuring you don’t need the job to be done twice as it will be done right the first time, so keep this in mind when comparing quotes, as you get what you pay for!

All the costs quoted were sourced at the time this article was written. They are to be used as an AUD cost guide and may vary locally, and are subject to market changes.

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