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Eco friendly ways to heat your home and save this winter

5th Jun '18 • By Kaylyn Jeffrey

Trade in traditional heating methods using common fossil fuels for more sustainable green heating solutions this winter. Not only will going green be good for the environment, it will also be good for your pocketbook long term.

eco friendly heating

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Coal, oil and natural gas have harsh environmental impacts and are fortunately ways of the past. There are much more innovative, financially savvy, eco friendly, and self sustainable ways to heat your home in the winter months. When it comes to staying warm and cosy in your home, we have several environmentally friendly options that will empower you to make the most informed decision. 

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Solar heating


Solar is a green and extremely cost effective way to heat your home this winter. Would you like to heat your home for free and live completely green and self-sustainably? After the initial investment of solar panel installation, this is exactly what you’ll be faced with. No more heat bills or environmental impact. Solar literally converts natural sunlight into electricity. Solar panels produce zero pollution and supply all or most of your energy consumption. There are several things to know before switching to solar and what to avoid when installing solar including size and costs of initial installation, and proper maintenance for them. If you are thinking about switching to this dream eco friendly option, get multiple quotes from solar professionals or browse solar energy businesses

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Geothermal heating 


As with solar, geothermal heating involves an initial investment in a geothermal heating system. However, the upfront investment will result in a more efficient heating system long term coupled with decreasing your heating bills, making your home more energy efficient and increasing the overall value of your home. Any way in which you can make your home more environmentally friendly and self sustainable, you automatically increase its value while reducing your bills. This system of heating involves using the constant temperature of the earth to heat your home. Geothermal can be translated to “earth heat” and it is just exactly that, using the internal heat of the earth to warm your home naturally. Ever been in a natural Canadian hot spring? Same idea. While traditional heating systems are using cold outside air to heat a home, this system is installed beneath the earth’s surface where the temperature is higher. Geothermal heating can be an expensive upfront investment, but it is a greener choice that will reduce future bills. 

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Pellet stove or wood stove


Not only do pellet and wood stoves look beautiful, rustic and bring warmth to a space, they can also be more environmentally friendly and low cost. Pellets can be made from renewable sources. When compared with traditional wood stoves, pellet stoves are more environmentally friendly with minimal smoke and CO2 impacts, and pellets cost less than traditional firewood. However, wood stoves are more self-sustainable, requiring no power unlike the pellet stove that requires about 100 kilowatt-hours per month or 10 bucks per month. Pellet and wood stoves are both going to be more self sustainable and greener than most heating options so the choice truly depends on what you want from them. If you are considering the installation of a pellet or wood stove, contact heating appliance professionals for quotes.

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Masonry heater 


The masonry heater option is similar in appearance to a traditional fireplace. However, the differences involve less pollution and a slower burn making it a more environmentally friendly option with added long term savings post initial installation cost. Masonry heaters are known to give off more heat whilst providing less energy usage. 

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Install insulation 


If you have trouble keeping your home warm, it may be time to invest in a good re-insulation project. Installing thermal insulation helps improve your comfort in your home while also reducing those big electricity bills by both air conditioners in the summer and heating in the winter. While you are considering installing insulation, you may way to also consider installing your aircon in the winter as well to skip the summer waiting line. Especially if you are living in an older home or if you weren’t the original builder, it may be time to invest in some proper insulation to help your home retain heat. Contact an insulation professional today to get quotes and a consultation for your home. 

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Curtain warmth 


Make the most of the heat from the sun by opening your curtains during the day and efficiently shutting them at night to keep the warmth in. Make sure that all your doors and windows are shut tightly to ensure cold air isn’t sneaking inside. 

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Get moving 


Another way to battle the cold of the winter months is to install a home gym this winter or get outside hiking and get your blood pumping to warm you up. As we all know, the colder it gets outside, the less initiative most of us have to get to our respective gyms resulting in the dreaded “winter body.” Not only does building a gym in your home keep you warm, but it also cuts the costs of a gym membership. Consider installing a cost effective home gym to help raise your body temperature and better your overall health this winter.

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Bundle up


Instead of cranking the heat up causing your heating bill to soar, first realise that winter clothing is very cute and you could use that money toward a beanie or jumper instead. In addition to adorning yourself in adorable winter fashion, decorate your home in lots of cosy essentials like big pillows, plush blankets and rugs. Bundle up with your loved ones and pets in some flannel clothing, fuzzy socks with a cup of hot coffee, tea or a glass of red wine and you’ll be warmer in no time. 

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Heating your home in an environmentally friendly way has positive effects on you and your family financially and can also help your home become more self sustainable and energy efficient, increasing its value. Make sure to get proper information from a professional regarding the best eco friendly way of heating for your home and lifestyle.

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