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Diy vs the professional plumber

19th Dec '17 • By Hannah Jackson

We all know someone who consider themselves a professional at something without holding any qualifications. So, we're going to differentiate major DIY and professional plumbing projects... and hopefully have you leaving the hard work to the experts of the trade.

The one pro and the many cons to your diy plumbing project 


The obvious pro, would be the costs of a qualified plumbing service. You'll save a pretty penny doing the work yourself, but the potential chaos you could cause while not being certified to undergo plumbing tasks, wouldn't only be leaving your wallet hurting, but your home as well. In some cases, creating permanent damage. 

Being a task that requires the intricacy and skill of a tradesman that has undergone years of intense training, plumbing is something no non-professional should be playing around with. Having an inexperienced person tamper with your plumbing today, will lead to quite large and costly plumbing repairs tomorrow. 

For instance, a leaking faucet in your bathroom may seem like a no brainer task, but can quickly become complicating and regardless of your own diagnosis, will require professional attention as soon as possible. 

I know you may feel like a pro after watching a few YouTube videos, and it may seem great saving some money; but the cons alone, are enough to make you shudder. 

bathroom with flowers

Complications and accidents always end up decreasing the value of your home, costing you more than necessary. You want to be improving your home's resale value, not decreasing it. As every home owner knows, it's what's on the inside that counts. 

Your plumbing do-it-yourself'er could potentially be putting you and your family at risk by neglecting to adhere to these various safety hazards. For example, the wrong materials, pressure and temperature ratings, and ill-fitting fixtures causing floods and/or fires.

The famous do-it-yourself'er you thought was safe

When it comes to do-it-yourself'ers lets be honest, we all watch tutorials on YouTube and read up on How to's, and other online platforms to grab information. Even though the home remedies may seem harmless to your plumbing, sometimes it can be the worst thing for it. 

Take blocked drains for example. Having experienced a blocked drain at least once in your life, an immediate reaction would be to reach straight for the chemical drain cleaners, or other household materials to declog the piping. Which are usually successful in unclogging drains in your home - but what many people don't know, is that this is a temporary solution. As further down the drain, the real problem lies.  


As you could imagine, resources are limited for the self taught handyman, and problem solving knowledge is inferior, to the trained professional. Therefore the reaction would be to unclog the blocked drain with chemical agents, or by physically removing the piping to attempt to clear the obstruction. Which can only cause further damage to the already blocked drains. 

Costing the everyday Joe, far more than the amount that would have been charged if a professional plumber came to fix the the problem. 


Tackling a do-it-yourself'er that is outside of your skill set, can result in bigger problems in the long run. By hiring a fully qualified plumber, you have the peace of mind knowing they can help minimise errors and maximise results.

Not only can plumbers fix the problem that is currently giving your home grief, but they see additional problems before they become a dangerous hazard for you and your family. 


According to the Australian Plumbing and Drainage Regulations, compliance certificates are an essential part of any plumbing work being carried out in your home. Installation or repair, a compliance certificate establishes the work that is being done meets Australian standards for health and safety (2017).

So, if you are willing to be the weekend warrior for your plumbing concerns, and fail to uphold Australia's plumbing certificate requirements, you're technically breaking the law. Just imagine your home suffering through a dodgy plumbing job, all because of your handy work. On top of this, receiving a hefty fine. 

So the next time you're walking through the door after a day at work, and the kids tell you that the toilet is '...doing that thing again', put down the tools, and pick up the phone and call your local plumber. 


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