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Patio designs you'll love this new year!

5th Jan '18 • By Hannah Jackson

It’s the New Year and it's a new you, so why not begin your New Year’s resolutions by ticking off a fresh new look for your patio? You'll adore these ideas to make sure your patio is the talk of the town this summer!

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Coming home, kicking off your shoes and popping your feet up is something we all look forward to after a long day at the office. An outdoor patio can provide you with the space you need to relax and help you enjoy the fresh air in nature without having to trek through the bush or climb a mountain. 

Luckily, there are plenty of designs for you to choose from to create your perfect patio. 

Sleek and contemporary


If you're looking for a modernised patio area then spoil yourself and your family with luxury, sophistication and elegance with a sleek and contemporary design for your patio's furniture and accessories.

You can't go wrong with the classic black and grey colour scheme. 

Gray is a cool, neutral and balanced colour. The colour gray is emotionless, sophisticated and timeless. Balanced well with black, associated with power, strength and authority and when placed together, black and grey provide a sleek and fierce personality to your outdoor space.   

If your patio is limited with the space it has, add mirrors to create the illusion that the area is bigger than it is. Patios are all about entertainment and dramatising the outdoor area, so it's important to make that space appear bigger when using a neutral colour scheme. 

Getting the sleek and contemporary look for your patio is simple. You don’t want to bombard the area with lots of colour, furniture and objects. Keep it simple, clean and elegant. All you need is a lounge for comfort, a coffee table and few accessories such as: a single candle, one to two cushions or a large vase for a pop of colour. 

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A black and grey Majeston outdoor sofa would work well to establish a sleek and modern look with its chunky black plinth base and neutral grey cushions. The Majeston is the perfect combination of comfort and contemporary style to complement your patio.  

Nothing says entertainment more than a big group of friends, gathering around the patio with snags sizzling on the BBQ as the football plays on a large television screen holstered to the wall. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something a little more unique, take a trip down memory lane and display a projector somewhere on a blank wall. Adding any kind of screen to your outdoor patio area allows you to entertain your guests with a creative, unique display that is great for conversation starters.  

Rustic and casual 


The trick to successfully creating a rustic and casual patio is to be strategically unsophisticated with the furniture design, colour and accessories. 

When putting together your rustic-inspired patio design, your focus should be on warm and inviting colours such as orange and browns. Orange is associated with happy and enthusiastic emotions. 


Brown is known for its wholesomeness and elegance. When placed together, orange and brown work well to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

The furniture in this patio design is quite unique. This is your opportunity to get creative with wood, or find a unique piece of furniture to match the desired look. Add to the patio’s cottage-like personality by placing a large weathered wooden table and chairs as the focal point of your outdoor area. 

Hang some soft glowing twinkle lights above the table or perhaps some candles to complement the warm colours of the patio furniture and accessories. 

Here is your chance to bombard the patio area with plants and any accessories you may like. Australian Kentia Palm’s would be perfect to hug the surrounds of the patio giving a sense of rurality. Hide away from your everyday busy life, tucked away in your back patio, relaxing in absolute tranquility. 

Warm and inviting 


Use a warm and inviting design to create an area that draws people in with homeliness and comfort.


What better way to provide comfort than a beautiful cream coloured lounge. Use dark blue cushions and large Pinstripe plants for decoration and pops of colour. 

If you’re wanting to dramatise the area and add some warmth then adding a fire would be the perfect way to do so. Fire is also a symbol of warmth, passion and relaxation. Lounge around on your couch next winter and feel the warmth of the fire while relaxing underneath the faint glow of the flames as you 'take five' from your busy city life. 

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