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Kitchen renovation ideas that make your space easier to work in

12th Aug '22 • By

A kitchen is more than just attractive tiles and beautiful cabinets. If you’re working with limited room or a less-than-optimal design, it can be frustrating to cook and make the most of your space.

Fortunately, it’s possible to have both good functionality and aesthetically appealing design. Add these simple tips when planning your kitchen renovation to make your space more functional.


1. Make It Kid-Friendly

Be conscious of how you use your stovetop so children won’t bump handles or hot items while running around. Instead, a microwave nook installed below the countertop can be helpful when teaching older children how to cook. Aim to place favourite snacks within easy reach of children on shelves or in drawers so they don’t attempt to climb the pantry to reach what they’re after. For children who are interested in baking, sharing this experience is made easier by including two countertop heights.

2. Keep the Staples Near Your Stove

Glass containers on open shelves by the countertop are ideal for storing herbs and spices. Making a cabinet above your stove to hold all of these essential ingredients would be a great idea. It's easy to reach for the cook, and it's nice to look at. You can also hang commonly used pots and pans on the side of the range hood with S hooks.


3. Choose the Right Layout for You

You will need to redesign your kitchen if it is currently crowded and lacking storage space. The main aspect of kitchen design is deciding on a layout. The floor plan decides how you'll navigate through the room when cooking or hosting, as well as how well it works for everyday tasks. The refrigerator, range or cooktop, and sink are all located in this area. When deciding on the best kitchen layout for your house, think about what would fit best for you and the room. Kitchen designs include L-shaped kitchens, island kitchens, and galley kitchens, among others. If your kitchen is old or beyond salvageable, get three no-obligation kitchen renovation quotes

4. Save Time and Organise

Take into account when you use things in the kitchen. Breakfast foods or fruits should be stored next to the breakfast table. Keep plastic wraps and containers in one convenient place near a work surface for packaging leftovers or lunches. To make unloading simpler, keep the dishes next to the dishwasher. When planning the layout of your kitchen, keep the key activities in mind: meal preparation, cooking, serving, and cleanup. You don't want the stove to be across the room from the sink or the fridge to be too far away from the stove, as this can make your workflow more difficult.


5. Install Multiple Electrical Outlets

Install several outlets in the backsplash and on the island ensuring that you have electricity everywhere you need it. If you have a lot of kitchen appliances, you'll also need a lot of power outlets to plug them all in. This requires the installation of several sockets in the kitchen for convenience. However, this is not a do-it-yourself project. These sockets should be installed by a qualified electrician. This guide will help you minimise kitchen renovations cost when you do decide to get one.

6. Kitchen Island

If you want to prepare and eat at the same time on a kitchen island, make sure there is ample room between the cooktop and the dining area. For most people, the kitchen island is where they prepare the majority of their meals. If you're going to put one in your kitchen, think of where it'll go. Be sure it will accommodate ideal positioning for your main appliances, such as microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator. Allow enough room for the appliance door to swing open as well as for people to walk through while the doors are open. 


7. Vertical Storage

Instead of concentrating all of your efforts on creating enough cabinet storage, commit some of your energy to arranging useful wall storage. Storage walls are a perfect way to keep pantry items, small appliances, baking supplies, and dinner sets in one place. Open shelves, wall hooks, and overhead pot racks are not only practical, but they can also add depth to the aesthetic if they're stocked with the right items.

When combining these tips, you’re giving yourself the greatest opportunity to plan a kitchen design that is not only impressive to look at but convenient to use each and every day.

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