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How to give your home a quick makeover with paint

13th Mar '18 • By Ellis Garwood

Is your home in need of sprucing up? Our paint makeover guide will help inspire you to turn your old decor into boldly painted statement pieces.

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Kitchen cupboards


Is your kitchen looking faded and overused? All you need is a paint brush, several cans of paint, a finish coat, and you’re on your way. A fresh layer of paint on your cupboards or walls is an excellent way to add new elegance to your kitchen. Using a neutral colour will brighten and open up your kitchen giving it a fresher feel. Choosing a neutral shade in your home is an awesome trend we love. 

If you prefer more lively colour in your home and are wondering what colour to go with for your kitchen, yellow may be a good option. Yellow is a paint colour that affects your mood by stimulating the appetite. Once the desired paint colour is chosen and applied, make sure to add a protective top coat to prevent any spillages staining the kitchen cupboards. You wouldn't want to ruin all of your hard work!

kitchen cupboards.jpg

Bed frame   


It doesn't matter which style of bed frame you have, a paint makeover can help completely renew the look of your bedroom. Choose a colour to complement the theme of your room. If you are looking for the bohemian or rustic look, chalk paint may be the perfect paint type for your space. Chalk paint is easy to apply and you don't need to sand down the wood beforehand which saves time and effort. Application-wise, it is a lot easier to apply than other paints. There are several ways you can achieve a bohemian-inspired home with decor

If you are going for a dramatic look, apply a high gloss paint in a dramatic colour like red. Red decor in the bedroom is an excellent decor tip to add more romance to your home.


Wicker furniture 


When taking on a wicker project, prepare the piece of wicker furniture before applying the paint. Run a vacuum over it to get any loose dirt off and use a kitchen scrub brush to ensure a clean finish. The best way to apply paint to wicker is to use spray paint. Apply sparingly - you don’t need to drown it. Hold the spray bottle 8-10 cm away from the furniture and lightly spray the whole item until it has an even coat, then go in for round two. Apply the desired amount of layers until your furniture is covered to your taste. For the rustic feel apply fewer layers and for the bold statement, apply more layers. 


Statement chair 


Take your old statement chair that you drape your laundry over and turn it into a bold decor piece! A bold colour in high gloss paint creates a striking decor focal point to add a fresh look to your space. A paint makeover can be accompanied by patterned pillows, fresh flowers, throws, rugs, and wall art to really go all out with maximising your decor game. 

statement chair.jpg

Decor bowl


Decor bowls are perfect for a kitchen or coffee table centerpiece. Taking an old ceramic bowl and painting it a colour of your choosing will help contribute to an overall room makeover. You can choose to paint it simple and elegant, or paint patterns onto it for a more personalised bohemian feel. After painting the new and improved decor piece, glaze it to give it a glossy finish. In order to create intricate detailed patterns, purchase mini paint pens that allow for smaller more controlled designs.

decor bowl.jpg

Use these makeover ideas to give your home a fresh new look with simple painting tips and tricks. 

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