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Patio designs to add value to your home

17th Jul '17 • By Jayde Ferguson

Investing in a big, beautiful and practical patio is a fantastic way to make the most out of your outdoor opportunities. Aussies thrive on outdoor living and entertaining, and a well-constructed patio can tick all the boxes.

Patio Designs That Add Value

These architectural designs have evolved from the typical Australian patio – a simple structure for occasional use only. Now they’ve become a household staple, merging the indoor and outdoor worlds together to create a true extension of the home. 

Consequently, it goes without saying that today’s patio designs add significant value to our homes. Living in Australian means we crave an outdoor space that serves multiple purposes. It must be aesthetically pleasing, functional and beneficial to the overall design of the property. That’s where the true value lies. Here are the ultimate outdoor patio designs to boost your home’s value.  


Detached Patios vs. Attached 

Detached patios are referred to as gazebos or pergolas. As their name suggests, they’re designed to be separate from the home. These free-standing structures can be used as an outdoor kitchen and dining area, a detached living space or spa room. The ideas are only limited to your creativity. 

The main difference between the two lies within its roof and features. Gazebos are fully covered, so are ideal for a secondary living space. Their structures are more complicated and detailed, but they boast added efficiency. Pergolas are simpler and more affordable to build. They don’t have a covered roof, which means they’re unable to provide optimal protection from weather conditions. Detached options are great for larger homes or for those that want to take advantage of attractive landscaping and gardens. Both can provide a quiet retreat away from noise and activity too. 


Attached patios keep the new structure directly connected to the house. This tends to be the most popular option because it blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor living.  

Raised Patios

Raised and multi-level patios offer a perfect way to add depth to an outdoor space. They help provide a gradual transition to ground level using patio walls and steps, integrating the two spaces together seamlessly. Patio structures that are raised are ideal for homes that are built on a slope or large lot. It’s also a fantastic way to maximum potential views too. The roof structure of regular patios can also be raised to incorporate character and style into the space.  This is seen in gable patios, pyramids, domes and hip-ends. 

Wraparound Patios

Think of those pretty houses with wraparound porches. Patios can be customised the same way to ‘hug’ your home and increase your outdoor space. As with other patio design options, these structures maximise your living area and are usually attached to the back and sides of the property. 

Entry Patios 

Kerb appeal is a big selling point when it comes to increasing your home’s value and vital to making the most of the property’s features. Patios are usually more popular at the back of the house to create a private way to relax and entertain, but showing the front of house some patio love is just as smart too! Front yards don’t tend to have a lot of privacy so investing in an entry patio can help do the trick. They’re ideal for enhancing the existing entrance, or opening up outdoor opportunities for the front living space too. 

Split Level Patios 

To give your outdoor space that cutting edge, split level patios can create an additional level to an otherwise flat and dull yard. Zoning is a key part of effective outdoor design and split level patios can assist in dividing multiple areas. Split level patios offer a diverse design that sparks visual interest with spacers between living zones. 

Material Choices

Your choice of materials play a big role in patio design for value and aesthetics. Each material offers their own appeal and level of practicality, which affects the overall design of the structure. Determine what look you want to go for first. If you’re on a budget, salvaging natural materials for pavers can offer warm character to the patio without the hefty price tag. Common patio materials include natural stone, concrete, brick, tile and steel. Each come with their own set of features and benefits, with various textures, patterns and finishes to give your patio an inimitable look and feel. 


Features to Boost Visual Appeal 

To enhance your living and entertaining experience, patio features can be included for visual appeal and better value. Seatwalls are a great addition because they’re both artistic and functional. They’re designed to add more seating options to the space, whilst adding an architectural element to the design that can’t always be achieved otherwise. 

Fire pits or fire pit tables add illumination, movement and warmth. And they’re great for creating a space for guests to congregate around. Other features to maximise the space include greenery, rugs, throws and cushions for comfort, ample lighting and functional and cosy seating/dining furniture. 

Gable Patios: Turning Good Designs into Great Ones 

Gable patios are the most popular of designs for amplifying value and impact. They’re designed with efficiency and passive design in mind, which comes with better ventilation, lighting, more space and considerable energy savings. From an aesthetic perspective gable patios are generally more attractive, adding a level of flair and style to your home.

Whether you’re sprucing up your garden to increase the value of your home, or simply creating a usable space for your family and friends to indulge in, patios are an affordable way to bring the most out of your investment. Not only can they be less expensive than a home extension, but a well-designed and functional outdoor structure adds more value to your home than its cost. Which is in high demand for home buyers and renters alike. 

This article is written by Jayde Ferguson, who writes for Great Aussie Patios – Perth’s leading patio and pergola builders with a unique design and cost-effective solution for any outdoor space. You can catch her on Google+.

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