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White exterior paint colour ideas

30th Jun '20 • By Rohit Mankame

Whether you've a contemporary home or a traditional brick building, a great way to change how people view your property is to pick a new exterior house colour. A beautiful white exterior paint scheme will add more aesthetic interest to your property and encourage buyers to purchase.

Considering the best white for an exterior project requires research and we need to consider all the drawbacks that occur when considering whites for an interior design as well. Nonetheless, there are guidelines to obey and we have some excellent tips to help you pick a paint scheme that you would enjoy for your white exterior project. 

white house

Always view your white paint in sunlight 

Do not neglect the effect a white landscape scheme would have on natural sunlight. 

This differs dramatically across the globe as England's natural light is somewhat different from Australia's intense unforgiving sunshine. The strength of the sun will also differ throughout the world, which will have a greater effect in a rural setting, particularly in the outback, rather than in a green leafy suburb.

There are different types of whites 

Many people falsely think that all white paints are nearly the same — and all of them are colourless. Not the case at all. White colours can be bluish, reddish, yellowish, and sometimes greenish.

Follow the advice from colour experts and keep the samples on a piece of white paper to show the variations. Suddenly you will note the numerous variations and contradictions of what is pure white at first sight.

Most white paints fall into three categories:

  • Warm-tones (yellowish tint, not too bright)
  • Cool-tones (dimension adding)
  • Pure whites (which are the purest white)

Cool whites should have a blue or black base which makes them very invigorating which can render them vividly bright in the sunlight. 

Warm whites have a fluffy yellow or warm pink foundation, which may be used to pair with other warm colours or for a gentle country feel.

The favorite outdoor whites are the ones with a green base. These are the most neutral and for an external scheme we find work really well. They're very tolerating unlike very blue or yellow whites that may leave you in trouble.

Consider the surroundings 

Look outside of the window and determine if the trees that block the sun would support or hamper your usage of the space for the white paint.

If the tree is lacking leaves and the angle of the sun after the winter solstice is small, grey-green will cut down on the light. A purer white will reflect disproportionately the weak filtered sunlight of the season. 

Houses that have an ocean view can be amazing. White walls can enhance the benefits of living by the sea for a summer residence, opening the house up and getting closer to the cool view of the water.

Choose you trim 

If you've already chosen to paint your walls white and you have a stunning view of your house, consider painting the matching trim. Using white paint between the walls and woodwork would enable the scenery to stay frameless, increasing the visibility of the view in your house.

This technique of painting all walls and trims the same is used to lower the design that obstructs the view – can be done with any colour, but because of its reflectivity it is more successful with white.

Paint with white if you are selling or renting your house

The most fool-proof way to get your house to sell or rent, is to paint it white. This falls behind the number one rank of removing the clutter. No matter how beautiful greys and cream colours look, white walls look great online. This is where all of the new future customers or buyers will see the house.

The white blank canvas will make the space aesthetically pleasing and give an impression that the space is wider and ceilings taller. 

Partner with outside elements

Doors, roofing, pipes, and fascia will always be in a powder-coated finish, particularly for new homes, which means your range of whites is very small. 

It's a smart idea to match your wall colour to your powder-coated, colorbond or some other steel colour in order to keep the white continuous.

Colorbonding is a common Australian roofing, window and trim colour and its really grey and dark. It creates a great contrast between white and pairs easily

Painting with white 

White is sophisticated, and simple. The crisp look meets our need for a new paint job and a new feel. Painting a house or a set of rooms with this cool, relaxed paint is like taking the leap of faith. 

Be bold and choose the white choice for the design of your home by looking at the web, taking the light and space into account and making a sure-footed leap to a bright, chic new exterior.

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