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3 things you need to know about blocked drains

25th Jun '19 • By

When it comes to a blocked drain, sometimes home remedies won’t do the trick. Waste build-up, tree roots and broken pipes can all lead to blocked drains which will require professional help.

3 things you need to know about blocked drains


Sure, at times a plunger paired with some elbow grease can do the job. However, these are only band-aid solutions and will only delay the inevitable.

While regular plumbers can deal with minor blockages, more serious issues should be addressed by a qualified blocked drain plumber. These plumbers specialise in detecting and dealing with issues that cause blocked drains by using advanced plumbing tools. If your drains become frequently blocked, this can indicate a more serious issue. In these cases, blocked drain plumbers will properly repair the problem so that it doesn’t happen again. You may want to find out the cost to hire a plumber to be prepared when this does occur.


Here are a few things you need to know about blocked drains:

1. Why do drains get blocked?

Drains can get blocked for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s hair that’s fallen off in the shower or grease in the kitchen sink, blockages will build up over time until they become major problems for your home or business.

Often a small item being flushed down the toilet can contribute to an already narrow and almost blocked pipe, causing drains to rise and overfill. Toiletries and nappies which belong in the bin, or small toys and other items dropped in by children can all contribute to blocking drains. Not only does this put your plumbing at risk, but the rising sewerage water will also emit a bad smell.


Too often we automatically flush things that should be placed in a rubbish bin. Not only is this a problem for you but it is also a problem for all of us; these things end up in council drains which end up being flushed out into the ocean. Ocean pollution can lead to the death of birds, turtles and other ocean creatures.

Blocked drains can cause major issues, leaving you without use of everyday essentials like sinks, toilets and showers. While home remedies can provide a short-term solution, only a qualified plumber will be able to remove a blockage completely and leave your pipes cleared.


2. Common myths about blocked drains

One of the most common myths about blocked drains is that dissolving the blockage with chemicals will fix the problem. Chemical cleaners may provide a temporary improvement in water flow but apart from being bad for your health and environment, they also fail to properly remove the blockage. There are natural ingredients that can help alleviate the problem but again are not 100%. These include mixing baking soda with vinegar in boiling water. This is an effective drain unblocking tip to get rid of the sewer smell that can develop. However, it still can lead to a more frequently blocked drain down the track, simply because the reason for the blockage has not been not fully addressed.

As the drains in your home all lead to the same sewer it can often be assumed incorrectly that they work the same way. Pipes and drains within homes and businesses will all have their own characteristics  and require expert knowledge to navigate safely and correctly. This is one of the main reasons why a professional is needed for severe problems. Plumbing specialists will be able to use advanced tools, like “electric eels” to safely navigate your plumbing system and get the job done. If you’re unsure who to select for the job, find out how to choose the right plumber.


3. Clearing blocked drains

Drain cleaning with a highly pressurised jet is one of the most effective and environmentally friendly ways to remove a serious clog. This method works well for build-ups of grease, hair and other organic substances that stick to pipes, which if not completely removed will continue to stay trapped and likely get worse.

Understanding the cause of the blockage can be another issue for homeowners. Without the right tools, measures taken to remove the blockage yourself can be ineffective or even make the problem worse. To solve this issue, plumbing specialists at Tunnel Vision in Perth recommend using advanced drain cameras to detect the exact problem causing the blockage, allowing them to choose a solution which will provide quick and lasting results. In this way they aren’t guessing where the blockage is; much the same as when you have a leaky pipe.


If a blocked drain isn’t dealt with properly it’s likely to end up costing far more in the long run. Whether your drain is blocked from a small or serious issue, removing it the right way will get your plumbing back in action and make it less likely for the problem to occur in the future.

Sure, minor issues may be a DIY job, but when it is a serious issue like tree roots growing into the pipes, then only a plumber can fix it. Should such an unfortunate situation occur, promptness will save a world of pain and money.


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