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How to hire the best swimming pool cleaner

20th Jul '20 • By Rohit Mankame

It takes time and effort to keep the swimming pool clean. It can drain your savings, as well. While some consider cleaning pools therapeutic, some would much prefer hiring a professional pool cleaner to do it! But what's the perfect way to make your pool look clean and function well?

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If you want a beautiful pool that is functional all the time, but lack the time or know how, you should consider hiring a pool cleaning business. A lot of people choose to build and maintain their own pools. However, the idea of spending time and money cleaning and purchasing products is easier said than done. This is when a professional pool cleaner becomes useful.

When you choose a pool cleaner for your swimming pool maintenance, there are several different types of services to be taken into consideration. 

What does a professional pool team do?

Swimming pool maintenance experts offer a bi-monthly, monthly or quarterly pool maintenance services. This includes: cleaning, testing water pH and maintaining cleaning systems. Pool experts are trained to make sure filters are clean, skimmer baskets are dumped and all equipment is maintained perfectly. For example, the pumps and timers are tested for functionality. Your pool service may include:

  • Checking pH of the water
  • Adjusting the amount of chlorine and other chemicals in the water
  • Pool shocking 
  • Water level check
  • MAking sure that the filters are working efficiently 
  • Skimming the debris from the surface of the water 
  • Water surfaces are cleaned
  • Surfaces including walls and stairs are cleaned 

It's also possible to hire a pool management company to open the pool in spring and lock it again at the start of winter.

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What are the different services involved in pool cleaning?

There are three types of pool cleaners in the market 

1. Suction

Suction cleaners attach to your skimmer box with a hose and use the suction that your filtration system creates to suck up the grime. The bulk of pool cleaners you will find are suction ones.

There are 2 types of suction cleaners

1. Inertia driven cleaners

These move in random patterns. They cover every inch of your pool but they are time consuming. These work well in pools with curved walls and no sharp corners.

2. Geared cleaners

These move in a predetermined patent and will clean your pool surface in the shortest time possible. They fit into the tightest corners and work in corners as well. However, since they include more moving parts they will require more maintenance.

2. Pressure 

Pressure cleaners are better than suction cleaners. Most models operate with an additional booster pump in the pool wall which requires a pathway leading to the hose. They may be pricey to retrofit so if your pool doesn't have one already look for another type of cleaner. Pressure cleaners that attach directly to your current pool pump will put the filtration device under strain.

They are very efficient and can clean tight corners and are even able to collect fine sand and rocks. But, they are more expensive to install and will need more maintenance.

3. Robotic

As the name suggests they are robotic cleaners. They run on electricity, and will require a powerpoint in close proximity to the pool.

They are efficient for large sized pools. However, they do not filter water and are probably the most expensive types of pool cleaners. They can further be inconvenient as they need to be manually placed and removed after the cleaning process. 

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Value in swimming pool maintenance

Advanced cleaning products usually require more investment than standard cleaning products. Some service providers will help you with affordable cleaning options. However, you might be sacrificing quality! When you clean pools, various chemicals should be used to take care of the water’s quality. This includes factors like cyanuric acid, pH, calcium hardness, temperature and alkalinity. Typically, products that consider more qualities will cost you a few extra dollars.

Another interesting service offered by some pool maintenance professionals would be water removal. This is where water is removed or added into the pool. The water level of your pool is extremely critical because inadequate water levels can cause overheating and in effect burn barracuda engines. Sometimes, pool experts can help you treat stains, repair broken equipment and maintain decks too. Advanced service providers offer special treatments like algae control and saltwater pool services at an additional fee.

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Long-term savings 

So, how much does pool maintenance cost? How does hiring a professional cleaner save you money in the long term? Their specialised equipment, cleaning methods, and strategies will potentially prolong your pool's life cycle, flush out your drains, and keep all elements that contribute to your pool running smoother, faster. A skilled approach always leaves the stone, grout and other finishing information of your swimming pool looking its best. This will help you increase the value of your property.

However, before you pick a pool maintenance professional, make sure you and your service provider are both aware of what is expected from the service. Don’t feel silly asking any questions you may have as this could potentially save a few hundred dollars by not paying for a service you don’t need. provides thousands of tradesmen with various businesses from pool cleaning to construction and plumbing. Simply search for tradesmen in your area and select the business that best suits your needs. 

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