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6 tips for renovating your bathroom

21st Jun '20 • By Rohit Mankame

Before you go ahead and renovate your bathroom, there are a few important tips you should consider first.

Renovating your bathroom is a big task. The bathroom is one of the only places in your home that makes you feel rejuvenated when you leave it, be it a shower or a simple night time routine before you head off to bed. Before you go ahead and renovate your bathroom, there are a few important tips you should consider first.

The bathroom, as well as the kitchen is a great place for adding value to your property. Do you ever go to a hotel or restaurants and remember it for its bathrooms? Properly planned designs can make your bathroom look larger and more lush. When you find yourself in a beautiful bathroom, it is easy to feel relaxed, calm and even happy. The options available for bathroom remodeling might make you feel overwhelmed. So,  If you are worried you might have overlooked something in your bathroom renovation plan, you should read the following tips.

1. Choose a Focal Point

When designing your bathroom, you should always choose a focal point. Focal points in your bathroom can be standalone bathtubs, mirrors and even windows. Many contemporary bathrooms, influenced by TV renovation shows, come a long way from their cast iron days and feature the freestanding bath as a statement item. With a range of shape , sizes and colours available, take the time to carefully choose the right bath to match your room layout and overall feeling. 

Framed or frameless? Single or multiple? Round or hexagonal? Mirrors are making a big comeback in bathroom renovations and are even becoming the star attraction rather than just something that’s just an essential component. 

Most bathrooms are usually small and don’t have a lot of natural light. Having a window to take advantage of the natural light can really make your bathroom eye-catching. Window with a view? Even better!  However, Don’t make the mistake of making the toilet the focal point!


2. Proper Lighting

The bathroom is a place where we voluntarily lock ourselves, treating the space as our luxury haven. To make the most of the sanctuary, it demands proper lighting. Introduce several layers of ambient, accent and decorative lights. One of the top recommendations is to use a pair of sconces mounted at eye level to provide shadowless lighting for shaving, tooth care and makeup application. Backlights are also very popular this season, and add depth to the bathroom. Avoid adding a light above the mirror as it casts deep shadows. Proper bathroom lighting will make you feel better about yourself and boost confidence during the day.bathroom-tips-2.jpg

3. Shower or bathtub?

Everyone loves to take bubble baths. It is calm, fun and gives a feeling of luxury. Using a bathtub has several health benefits. But, showers are the ones that are better for the planet. We recommend a combination of a shower/bath as it offers more versatility.

Most individuals choose to remove the bathtub altogether when renovating, due to space constraints. If you’re planning to sell your home in the near future, we would advise against this. The reason being is many young couples need the bathtub to wash their little ones. 

The determining factor to choose a shower or bath will be the space available. The last thing you want to do is make the bathroom feel cramped and lacking space. A shower is a good investment if you are looking to age-in-place. If you plan to start a family make sure you have at least one bathtub.


4. Proper Ventilation

If you're thinking about skipping out on installing an exhaust fan, think again. Regular bathroom practises such as bathing and showering will add a large amount of moisture to the air supply in your home. Without sufficient ventilation in the bathroom, the extra airborne moisture can cause havoc in your home. It can promote the growth of mould and mildew, make the air feel too sticky and warm, put undue strain on the equipment and increase its energy use.

Proper ventilation will ensure a comfortable environment and will avoid health problems.


5. The Dimensions

Don’t start remodeling your bathroom without understanding its dimensions. Not all bathrooms are meant to be remodeled in a specific way! For a successful remodel experience, you should understand the dimensions properly. Keep track of important measurements like the bathtub’s size, space required for the toilet and the amount of room you need for walking. Dimensions take advantage of the lightning available in the bathroom to strike balance between the space and the design finishes of the vanity and the toilet. 


6. The Right Materials

Lastly, choosing the right materials depends on the following factors ;

  • Durability 
  • Cost 
  • Ease of maintenance 
  • Vulnerability to heat and moisture 
  • Ease of installation 

The bathroom can incorporate design elements from the rest of the house or can have their own independent designs. You may choose to paint, put up a wallpaper or even rely on glass and mirrors to create the ideal ambience for your bathroom. Bathrooms offer much potential for design freedom, be it minimalistic or extravagant.

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