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10 original father’s day gifts he won’t expect

24th Aug '18 • By Kaylyn Jeffrey

Father’s Day is just around the corner and it isn’t always easy buying for your old man. Gone are the days of buying him a cheesy mug or fun socks. We have some original gifts that he’ll love but won’t expect.

10 fathers day gifts

1. Grillight bbq utensils

Grillight bbq utensils.jpg

A flashlight built into a grilling utensil - how neat is that? If you’re looking for an affordable lovable gift for your bbq lover Dad, this is the perfect gift choice. Grillight bbq utensils are a functional, eco friendly gift that will help your Dad keep on mastering the art of the grill even when the sun goes down. This will be a for-sure gift he will be showing to all his mates.

2. 94 Piece mechanics tool kit

For the car lover Dad, this gift provides a full mechanics tool kit that will help him rival the local auto mechanic. The kit comes with a 3 year warranty and will help your Dad improve his car servicing skills with the correct equipment. If your Dad is still kicking himself for not choosing mechanics as his trade, this kit will help him get back to his passion and encourage him to maintain his love for fixing cars.

3. Woodfired pizza oven

This is an awesome gift from the wife who appreciates what an amazing Dad her husband is and wants to sneakily make his day. If he just needs to get a woodfired pizza everytime he sees one and constantly talks about how cool it would be to run a woodfired pizza oven business, this is the perfect gift to really ‘wow’ him on his day. If you can pull it off without him noticing, put his new gift next to his beloved barbeque with a big bow on it and ask him to go light the barbie for dinner. Watch the surprise and excitement unfold to create a day he won’t forget. His new cooking essential will also be the biggest hit on the next Australia Day

4. Handmade leather wallet and phone case

Handmade leather wallet and phone case.jpg

For the Dad who appreciates the finer things in life, gift him with a matching handmade leather wallet and phone case that are both stylish and functional. 

5. Nordgreen Watch

Nordgreen has watches which are tailored to your outfit. Each timepiece has interchangeable straps which allows your watch to perfectly match every look. No matter if your mood, your event or your personality changes, so does your strap. The customizable design permits complete control of personal expression.

6. Oska pulse 


This is an awesome choice for the Dad who is quietly (or not so quietly) suffering from chronic pain. Oska Pulse helps address chronic pain and injuries naturally based on scientific research evidence, without the use of traditional drugs. Oska Pulse uses pulsed electromagnetic fields to reduce inflammation, increase circulation and improve mobility. For tradesdads, he can place it in a lunch bag to protect it, and can use it whilst at work. Use code MYOSKA2 to receive a $74 AUD ($55 USD) discount!

7. Muk mat 

For the surfer Dad! The muk mat will clean the sand off his feet after the beach before he gets in his Dad van. Whenever you need clean feet, have the muk mat handy. It’s the present your Dad never knew he needed but won’t be able to live without after having owned one.

8. Upscale dinner

An upscale restaurant voucher is a great gift for the Dad that appreciates the finer things in life. Complement this gift with a bottle of whiskey or his favourite alcoholic beverage. Make sure to get the voucher from somewhere you know he likes whether it’s a fancy seafood restaurant or a local steakhouse. This gift allows for a romantic date for your parents which they’ll both appreciate, as much as they love having kids around 24/7. He’ll appreciate the thoughtful gift and the alone time!

9. Eco-friendly goods

For the Dad who prides himself on his pristine recycling skills and sustainable lifestyle. Your Dad will appreciate an eco friendly gift (for under $50 AUD) that is stylish, functional and affordable.

10. A day at the driving range

For an affordable gift he’ll love and a day he won’t forget, purchase your Dad a bucket of beer and a large bucket of balls for the local driving range. This gift allows him to relax, unwind and hit some balls in the peace and quiet our Dads so desperately need sometimes. 

Whether your Dad is crazy about cooking, surfing or is simply in need of some relax-time, gift him this Father’s Day with these original gifts he won’t expect. Make sure your Dad feels special on his special day by giving him the most important gift of all - simply letting him know you appreciate the person and Dad he is. 

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