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Projective bedroom: simple but effective

20th Nov '17 • By Hannah Jackson

Put down Better Homes & Gardens, and look no further to find the perfect ideas to liven up your personal space. From choosing a colour scheme to furniture restorations, we have simple but effective ideas to take your bedroom decor to the next level.

Paint Colour Swatches

In the (colour) scheme of things

Choosing a colour scheme when redecorating a bedroom would have to be one of the hardest decisions to make. You love the colour orange, but at the same time you look great in a red dress or charming in a baby blue suit, it's a tough line to walk. 

A helpful tip for beginning your colourful journey, is to select an item in your room that catches your eye, this could be a colourful rug, a hanging work of art or a piece of furniture that brings character to the space. 

Choose a pattern or colour you like from the item, and think about what pigment complements the colour you've already chosen. Take in mind that you are wanting to contrast warm and cool colours.

Let's say you have chosen mint green, working brilliantly with grey and additionally white, breaking down the two colours and providing a neutral balance. 

But what is the point of having organised colour in your personal space, why not just throw a few colours together with your wooden chest drawers, black matisse metal bed frame and your bright pink duvet cover? 

Having a colour scheme provides a clean and organised feel to your personal space. Certain colours can even bring calmness and reduce stress. So, you could imagine how this would influence your mood after a long day at the office, as you begin to wind down at home.

Four Walls: Paper, paint or feature 

Now that you have decided your colour scheme, use your blank four walls to get creative. There are three options to how you can go about doing this. Paper, paint or through a feature wall. 

Paint Brushes

Paper - If ridding your walls of air bubbles is your forte, then wallpaper should work brilliantly for you. Known to being economically beneficial and lasting five times longer than paint, with little to no maintenance. 

Other great ways to incorporate paper and other coverings for your walls, is by using printed photos. Include photos into your bedroom decor, by printing out a photo mural. This not only brings life to your room, but helps your personal space appear larger. 

If you have an image from a holiday on the beaches of Fiji, picnicking near the Eiffel Tower, or perhaps a glorious city view, this idea would turn your personal space into the dream getaway and the perfect place to relax and enjoy a beautiful scenery, without even leaving your bed. 

Paint - Now is the time for your inner artist to come out and play. Whether it be through a singular paint colour to support your chosen colour scheme, or a big and bright feature wall. Painting your walls will give you artistic freedom and give your personal space some personality and style, reflecting your own. 

Feature Wall Bedroom

Feature Wall - Pick a wall, any wall and either paint it a contrasting colour to the rest or wallpaper it with a bold and bright pattern to create a more defined space. If time and money are an issue for you, this is the easiest, quickest and inexpensive way to liven up a space. 

Be mindful this idea is quite similar to the photo mural option previously mentioned. In many cases, a simple and subtle pattern or colour could bring the perfect amount of charm and interest to a room without being too overwhelming. 

You don't want to bombard your personal space with too many bold features. It’s better to have one main decorative wall piece. 

If you are open to renovations to achieve your dream feature wall, then wall replacements are a great way to make your personal space unique and appealing to the eye. Stone, brick and wood are the most common used feature walls, giving the space a rough and rustic look. 

It’s important to determine what kind of replacement you want for your personal space as each display gives different vibes. For instance, if you were to select Black Raw Bricks as your feature, it would give the impression of masculinity with its rough, polished and modern look.

Whereas if you had chosen the typical red brick, it would give warmth with a rustic, vintage feel. It would be almost as if Billie Holiday could burst through the wall to serenade you with 'Gloomy Sunday'.

Lighting - If you're looking to bring some attention to certain areas of your bedroom, then LED strip lights are the way to go. 

Giving your personal space a soothing soft glow when you are tucked away in bed, and depending on where you're placing them, can make appear like it is hovering off the ground. Placing the LED strip lights around the body of your bed frame, will give this effect.

LED strip lights can basically be used for any piece of furniture in the home, with their affordable price and simple set-up, they are bound to be the favourite part of your new and improved bedroom. 


Timeless Thrones 

In the process of redecorating your bedroom, it is important to keep in mind the old treasures that you may have, which have worn over the years. There is always room for refurbishing what was once a beautiful piece of art into something modern and timeless.

Take an old rocking chair for example. It may be old and worn-down from you being hushed and soothed to sleep as a new born, but with a little stripping, sanding and light polishing, it's good as new.

Growing up in the Sydney suburbs, grandfathers were famous for sitting on their multicoloured polka dotted wingback chairs as they watched the seven o’clock news. The wingback’s never  really matched the other furniture pieces in the home, but they were there, and they were an ugly mismatch. 

Those dreaded coloured chairs have come back to haunt Australian’s everywhere. Only this time, reupholstering is a thing, and the polka dotted nightmare is no longer. 

Reupholstering is all about replacing one fabric piece with another. Simply create your own covering for the new and improved wingback, or select a design from your local Spotlight or store of your choosing. 

Tan Leather Arm Chair

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