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Things to consider before you hire a painter

12th Aug '20 • By Rohit Mankame

This guide will help you reach your goal and what to pay attention to while preparing your home painting project and recruiting a professional painter. You'll also see different approaches to calculating the cost of house painting.

Miscellaneous painting equipmentPainting is the most common way of giving your house or interior a makeover. But, how much do Australian painters charge and how do they arrive at their quotes? 

The typical cost of painting ranges from $900 to $20,000 depending on the complexity of the job. Painting a wall will obviously be cheaper than painting the entire house. 

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What to plan for before starting your paint project?

Choosing the right colour

The hardest decision that you will have to make is choosing the colour for your walls. We suggest that you should use a colour visualizer to upload pictures of your exteriors to check out how different colours would look like online. The best exterior paint colours are the ones that stick to the basics such as pastel colours, all whites and using two-tones. 

Choosing the paint finishes 

The broad categories are paint finishes are 

  • Flat 
  • Glossy 
  • Matte 

Each category offers a unique look and character to fit the purpose of the designated wall. 

Choosing special finishes 

Special finishes include services such as wallpapering. Not all painting companies offer 

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What are the types of painting jobs? 

  • Exterior painting 

Exterior painting typically costs between $12-$60 per square metre in Australia. However, painting your house can incur a flat-out fee starting from $2500. Painting your house creates a great return on investment and increases the value of your property if you are planning to sell in future. It is advisable to always hire a professional painter to get the job done with the proper equipment.

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  • Interior painting 

Interior painting usually costs from $10-$30 per square metre. Pricing will depend on the height of the ceiling, the number of windows and the selection of paint that will be used. The average price paid per room for house painting ranges from $250 – $400 including the cost of paint and materials. In addition , the cost per room reduces the greater the number of rooms that need painting in one work. A house with 4 bedrooms will incur lower costs as compared to a house with 2 bedrooms. 

  • Roof painting 

You might have to hire a professional roofer to get this job done. The roof is first cleaned, the broken tiles replaced and is then finally spray painted. The most prevalent type of roofing in Australia is currently, colorbond roofing which is very durable for the harsh climatic conditions found here. Colorbond roofing costs from $18-$36 per sheet. 

  • Fence painting

Outdoor areas require special expertise to get these jobs done. This can be a job that you can do yourself. It often just requires paint and a roller brush. 

  • Wallpaper

Some professional painters provide this service as well in addition to the painting job. 

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What to ask your painter before you hire?

Are they insured?

It is likely that even the best painters are prone to make mistakes or have injuries.  Be sure that the painter is covered before the work begins, and check the specifics of their insurance certificates. 

Ensure the painter is adequately insured for any issues that may arise. Ask for your certificate of insurance, and take their information.

Are they licensed?

New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia are the states that require licencing of the painters. Generally, a recognised certification such as Certificate III Painting and Decorating must be obtained to secure a licence for painters. Painters can obtain this qualification by completing an apprenticeship in painting, or by assessing their existing skills to that qualification.

Do they have valid references?

Your first call would be to ask friends and family for advice and feedback on the painters they've used. Also the painter that you should hire must have references to check for. 

If you need a painter please consider asking your local paint supplier for a recommendation. Suppliers and developers do not like to be associated with merchants or builders who are not doing well, and will recommend the painters they can count on 

Do they provide a contract and written quote?

The best way to find out what your painting job costs is to get quotes and contracts drawn up from local painters. That will give you a sense of what current market prices are. The more detail you give for your job the more relevant the quote will be. If your painter has a full picture, it's possible that the quotes you get will be a more reasonable final amount.

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Q: How long will it take to install a colorbond roof?

It will only take one or two days to install your colorbond roof. If your existing roof requires significant repair work it may take longer. 

Q: How much does an interior painter cost per square metre? 

Australian painters generally charge $10-$30 per square metre to paint the interior of a home.

Q: Can I paint my house exterior myself?

Painting the exterior of a house is a large job that requires the correct knowledge and skill. We heavily encourage enlisting a professional to carry out this job, however it can be a DIY project for those who have properly researched the task.

Q: How expensive is paint and how much do I need?

Paint costs approximately $15 to $40 per litre. The amount of paint you will need depends on the area you are painting. 

Q: Spray paint or regular paint? 

The choice is dependent on your specific needs and desired look. Spray paint is perfect for covering large areas quickly, while you may prefer paint for more intricate work. 

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