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How much does it cost to hire a locksmith? | 2019 cost guide

10th Jan '19 • By Georgia Budden

If you have ever locked yourself out of your car or home or needed your locks changed, you’ll understand the importance of a professional locksmith. Locksmiths can also help you determine how secure your home is. These professionals have the right knowledge, expertise and tools to access and secure your home, office or car without causing any issues. Below, we’ve outlined the costs of hiring a locksmith in 2019.


What does a locksmith do?


If you’ve ever wondered “What is a locksmith?”, you’re not alone! Locksmiths possess a diverse range of skills and offer many services in addition to cutting replacement keys. These valuable tradespeople can get you out of a lot of unfortunate situations, so the more knowledge you have about what they have to offer, the better prepared you can be when these moments arise! Here are a few of the other services that a locksmith can offer:

  • Lockout services
  • Supply and install new locks
  • Electronic locks
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Safe sales and service
  • Lock re-keying


Cost of a locksmith


There are various factors which contribute to the total quote provided to you by your local locksmith, including the callout fee and labour, and the cost of products. On average, locksmiths cost around $60 per hour, but this may differ depending on the time of the day. If you need your locksmith to come to you during business hours, a call out fee of around $110 will be incurred. For after-hours services, this price will increase depending on how late it is. For weekends or 9:00pm - 12:00am services during the week, this price can increase to $150-$200. After midnight, a call out charge will cost you around $300.


Specific locksmith services


If you’re looking for an average price for services, we’ve outlined a few common costs below.

  • Changing locks: the average cost to change installed locks ranges between $30 and $300. The actual fee depends on your expertise and the type of lock you own.
  • Re-keying: Re-keying is a process that involves the pins in the lock being rearranged so that the old key does not work. This processes costs between $40 and $100.
  • Lockout services: if you are locked outside your home, locksmiths will charge you between $30 and $150 for fixing the issue. Holiday packages and weekend services can cost you between $100 and $250. 
  • Key cutting: Locksmiths are likely to charge between $4 and $20 for copying keys. Special keys can cost you a little more.
  • Car lockout: If you’ve become locked out of your car, expect to pay between $30 and $50 to regain access to your car.

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Helpful tips when hiring a locksmith


When you hire locksmiths, here are few tips to be remembered:

  • Get a several quotes from local locksmiths. Brief the problem to them to determine how much they charge.
  • Check past reviews, work history and make sure the service provider is insured and licensed.
  • Make sure your locksmith has had professional training and is a reputable in the industry.
  • Find out if there’s any additional fees involved in the service.
  • An experienced locksmith will be able to unlock your door without causing damage, so be cautious if you are locked out of your car or home and the locksmith is suggesting to replace or drill. 


The prices above are just a guide and subject to the time the article was made, if you want an accurate and up to date price, get some quotes from local locksmiths.

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