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Cost of a plumber in sydney

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When it comes to plumbing jobs, the simpler the job is, the cheaper it will be. Conversely, the more complicated a job is, the more costly it will become. To give you a general sense of what a plumbing professional will cost you, we have a cost break down for you.

cost plumber sydney

Being the largest population area in Australia, Sydney is home to a vast number of highly skilled local plumbers so the cost range of services will reflect this. Because the market is competitive for tradies, Sydney consumers should do their due diligence to make sure they are choosing the right plumbing professional for the job when comparing plumbing costs

Fortunately today, there is so much information online about businesses that allow you to make an informed decision. So, really do your homework and don’t take the cheapest quote you may receive.


A typical rundown of job costs are the following:

  • Fix a leaky tap or toilet ~ $60.00 AUD to $150.00 AUD
  • Install new taps or shower head ~ $90.00 AUD to $260.00 AUD
  • Install a toilet ~ $425.00 AUD to $800.00 AUD
  • Home water service replacement ~ $1,200.00 AUD to $2,000.00 AUD
  • Replacement of an entire drainage system ~ $6000.00 AUD to $25,000.00 depending on the complexity of the job - A tiny cottage versus a large home will incur vastly different costs 
  • Solar hot water ~ $12,000.00 AUD to 14,500.00 AUD


More specialised jobs require more specialised plumbers, so these jobs will be more costly. This occurs because they require more training and additional conditions on their licence. These more specialised jobs could include urban irrigation, sanitary drainage and fire protection tasks. 

From clean bath water to safe drinking water, plumbers are responsible for making sure you have safe and secure home plumbing. Because of the responsibility that is placed in your plumber’s hands, licensing and insurance are required in all cases. As can be seen above, plumbing jobs can get very expensive, so leave no stone unturned to get the right tradesman or plumbing company for the job.


Plumber licensing

Australia-wide, plumbers need to be licensed in order to be in your home, so make sure to confirm you are dealing with a qualified, licensed tradesperson. Fortunately, you can check online at to do your research first before approaching a tradesman.

Plumbers must provide you with a Compliance Certificate that confirms the work has been completed to the professional trade standards, issued by a competent authority.

Gas fitting requires a different licence, so make sure to confirm this licence prior to any work being started, if it involves any gas-related services.


Plumbing insurance

All qualified plumbers need to be insured in order to work within your home, so make sure to ask the question, “Are you insured to work in my home?” This needs to be done in your first contact with the plumber. This is to ensure if anything within the home gets damaged during the job, the plumber’s insurance will cover it and you won’t be left out of pocket, battling to get the money back.


Plumbing materials and extras

Make sure to ask the plumber exactly what his quote includes such as materials, travel and extras. If the plumber is doing a job that may or may not include additional work, request that he give you a cost range as opposed to a definitive base cost. 

Travel costs can be prohibitive; if you allocate a job for example to a plumber who lives far away just because their prices are lower, then factor in tolls, price of fuel etc. It might be a job that takes more than one day, so these costs will multiply.


Prioritise quality over price

Ensure you find the plumber with a flawless reputation, excellent reviews and professional encounters over the lower cost professional. Get a sense of the market rate by getting multiple quotes, but make sure to go with the professional with the best attitude and qualifications, evident in their professional online advertising.

Choosing the plumber with the cheapest quote, especially if the job is complex, is fraught with danger. Remember this quote for any job or task: “Pay peanuts, get monkeys”. This will usually result in costing you more to get the job redone, than the initial cost to get it done right the first time.


Finally, Sydney is a big place with standards and costs of living varying from suburb to suburb. This is reflected not only in house and food costs but also with tradesmen; really does your due diligence!

*All the costs were sourced at the time this article was written, are subject to market changes, and should be used as a general guide.

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