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7 things you need to create a killer bbq area

7th May '19 • By

Who wouldn’t like to have an amazing BBQ area in their home? These outdoor areas are great places to hang out with friends and families as well as to organise get together and parties.

create a killer BBQ area

However, for you to enjoy the maximum benefit from a BBQ area, it is essential that it is set up with the best features, which are both attractive and functional.

Here are some handy tips to transform your BBQ area completely as part of your landscape design.


1. Build a pergola


Adding a pergola will give you the option to host a BBQ in any weather. BBQs are best enjoyed in the company of friends and family. But, your plans could go out the window if the weather doesn’t hold. However, if you build a pergola,, it will shelter your BBQ equipment and you can keep the party going with no hitches because of bad weather. 

A pergola also offers you a chance to decorate the area - fairy lights, drapes, vines and more can give a refreshing feel to the setting. 


2. Add an outdoor kitchen


Summer time is the perfect time to spend out in the fresh air. Hence, an outdoor kitchen could be a perfect addition to your backyard this Summer. It will give you a chance to explore a very fun way to cook food while giving a sense of being close to nature. 

Outdoor kitchens are usually built specifically to be portable and minimalistic. You can very well combine this with your BBQ to take full advantage of the special set up and festive atmosphere. If you currently have an outdoor kitchen that could use a facelift, an outdoor kitchen renovation is a fantastic option.


3. Install a fridge


While very few people might think of keeping a fridge handy near the BBQ, it is one of the best ways to make your BBQ area more functional. A secondary fridge is highly useful for keeping meats, cheese and beverages cool. It can easily be installed in the BBQ areas where you want the party. That way you can keep your supplies fresh and easily accessible.


4. Set up a bar area


An outdoor bar is another fun inclusion to create a killer BBQ area. If you put up a bar near your BBQ area, you are sure to receive plenty of compliments from your guests. It could be the best part of hanging out with friends while enjoying a BBQ night. 

You can arrange bar stools under a high table and adorn it with coasters and a beautiful fruit bowl. Grab a beer or pour a glass of wine from your fridge to make the most out of your outdoor living area! Your friends would add to the colour and life of the party. 


5. Include functional seating


In most cases, people have a makeshift BBQ area with very basic facilities. You can add to the charm of your BBQ area by arranging a proper seating area. You don’t have to splurge to create a brilliant space. It could be anything that suits your style – you could go for something like beanbags, sofas or comfortable chairs. If you build a campfire area for cold nights and place the seats around it, it will increase the functionality and style.


6. Base it around the pool area


A BBQ area by the poolside is the ultimate setup. No pool area is complete unless it has a BBQ close by. If you already have a pool, then it is high time you set up a killer BBQ area near the pool. If not, consider hiring a landscaper or swimming pool specialist to create a plan for installing the perfect swimming pool for your space. Put on some good music and enjoy a wholesome BBQ after a swim, which is the most idyllic way to unwind and de-stress at your home after a hard-working week.


7. Install some good lighting


 A simple yet powerful way to transform your BBQ area is to go for good lighting. You can choose any type of lights to add to the charisma of the place. For example, you can use fairy lights to have an amazing night time BBQ experience. You could also go for environmentally friendly lighting installed by a qualified electrician.

Whatever lighting you choose, make sure it emphasises the overall décor and illumination of the area. You can use outdoor lamps to decorate your outdoor dining table, which will give the whole BBQ area a magical feel.


Thus, you don’t need too much hard work or investment to transform your BBQ area into a pleasant, inviting and relaxing area.

As you can see, the emphasis here is on creating a space to relax and enjoy with minimum investment. It is more about transforming what you already have into an inspiring space rather than creating a brand new area for fun and relaxation. As you don’t have to start from scratch, you’ll have created the killer BBQ area you always wanted without much effort.

Once you finish the transformation of the BBQ area, your friends and family will be blown away by the look and feel of it. They’ll be dying to enjoy your next party with you in your incredible new BBQ area!

So why wait? Talk with an experienced landscaper and find out how you can start.

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