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8 lighting tricks to make spaces appear bigger

1st Aug '19 • By Emily Ayers

Are you worried your house feels a bit small and cramped? Do you wish to make your home look bigger but you don’t have a large budget? According to experienced interior decorators, you can make spaces appear bigger with proper lighting. Check out these great tips below and start reinventing those areas of your home you thought you were stuck with.

1. Spread out lighting 

If your home doesn’t let enough natural light in, you can always create an illusion with lighting fixtures. First of all, you must spread out lighting and highlight feature pieces of furniture. This is a trick followed by many homeowners with small, compact living areas. Light can breathe life through your home and make it appear bigger. Lamp positions, for example, can make a real difference. Smaller size table lamps in corners, can open up that area, whilst if you have high ceilings, use long pendant style lights to reinforce the extra height. Try using skinny framed lighting with smaller lamp shades to achieve a similar effect that is cost effective.

2. Introduce glass

To complement your indoor statement lighting ideas, introduce more glass into the room. For example, glass tables and glass lamp bases creates unbroken lines to the eye. This will give the illusion of more space by eliminating obstacles.


3. Complement with natural light

Use natural light with existing lighting; natural light will make the rooms look bigger during the day time. Big windows allow more natural light to enter and make smaller rooms look less “dingy”, creating a more open and inviting atmosphere. Bringing the outside world inside has therapeutic benefits, both physically and mentally. 

4. Go light!

Today, homeowners opt for lighter shades in order to make a room feel more inviting and appear bigger. According to the experts, dark shades can make your home look small. Nevertheless, you should opt for pale shades like blues, whites and creams. These shades will make your living area open, light and airy, which makes them some of the most popular interior paint colours. If you use proper colour contrasts and match them with similar coloured blinds and curtains, it will really give the look of a larger and more welcoming space.


5. Wall lights

Wall lights are a great way to make your rooms look larger. These are especially effective when placed in those dark recesses or corners. They can highlight an area that is generally forgotten or unused.  This is just a continuation of the theme of spreading the light around and making the room more open and inviting.

6. Track lighting

Track lighting is a great way to specifically send light to those areas that will make a room look bigger. As they have a number of heads, each one can be directed to a different area. They are also great because they come in a number of styles; the contemporary and industrial both look great in this instance. These are great over areas where people congregate, like a dining table. In this way, they can light up the area around this furniture fixture but not make it too bright or uncomfortable for those sitting.

7. Strategic mirror placement

Do you know that mirrors and lights complement one another? When lights are angled towards mirrors, you can make the space appear bigger. Mirrors don’t necessarily have to be full length. Instead, get multiple mirrors that can blend with the lights and create a lasting statement. Also try to introduce greater floor space by keeping floor areas visible, not hidden or cluttered by numerous pieces of furniture.


8. The monotonous style

Don’t try to pick too many differently shaped and sized lights for your home. Stick with monotonous designs that blend well with your existing furniture and themes. For example, if you have a French-style inspired home, opt for white lights with gray fittings. These can add detail to your room and expand its size dramatically. To also match your lighting and furniture, go for one colour but use different hues or shades of it.

However at the end of the day, remember this is your home and you need to feel comfortable by making it your own. Guides like this are great and extremely helpful in solving some of your interior design issues, but still do what feels right for you! 

All of these lighting ideas are great options to start and will give you that desired bigger room feel. When decorating, try and find that happy medium that still gives a homely, welcoming feel and is inviting to family and friends when they visit, without feeling too enclosed. Enjoy the benefits of creating an uplifting atmosphere that raises the spirits after a hard day at work!

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