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How to create a killer outdoor bbq area

6th Sep '17 • By Emily Ayers

BBQ areas are a great place to hang out in groups and parties, especially if they’re set out right. Read on more to find out how you can completely transform your BBQ area.


This addition will allow you to BBQ in any weather condition. The best way to enjoy a good BBQ is with friends and family but your plans are bound to get postponed if the weather takes a turn. A pergola will shelter your BBQ equipment and keep the party going. A pergola also allows for numerous decoration ideas - fairy lights, drapes, vines and more!

Outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are the perfect addition to your backyard this summer. An outdoor kitchen allows for a very fun way to cook food, and it also gives a sense of being close to nature. These kitchens are usually specifically built to be portable and minimalistic. Combine this with your BBQ to get the full experience of the entire setup.

Outdoor Kitchen


Keeping a secondary fridge is very handy for keeping meats, cheese and beverages cool.  It's also useful in BBQ areas where you want the party to stay in one area. 

Bar area

A bar is almost too perfect for your BBQ area. If you have this, you can be sure to receive compliments from your guests. A bar is the perfect way to top off your killer BBQ area. Arrange bar stools under a high table and adorn with coasters and a beautiful fruit bowl. Grab a beer or pour a glass of wine from your fridge and make the most out of your outdoor living space!

Bar Area

Seating area

A proper seating area is also another great way to complete the area. This could be anything that suits your style; bean bags, sofas or comfortable chairs. You can build a campfire area for cold nights and place seats around it for both function and style. 

Pool area

No pool area is complete without a BBQ setup nearby. If you already have a pool then we suggest that it is high time you set up a killer BBQ area for your home. Put on good music and have a wholesome BBQ after a good dip in the pool; it’s the best way to unwind and de-stress.

Pool Area


Good lighting can push your BBQ area to the next level. Try fairy lights to have an amazing night time BBQ experience. These lights can be of any type. We recommend decorating with lights to emphasise the décor and to illuminate the area. If you have an outdoor dining table then you can decorate around it using outdoor lamps as well! 

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