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How to choose the best appliances for your home

3rd May '19 • By Jason Keegan

Here’s a guide on what factors to consider before making this long term investment for your home and to ensure you get great value from your appliance of choice.

How to choose the best appliances for your home

Buying the right appliances for your home can be one of the most important decisions and investments you will make. It is all about getting the maximum utility and the best returns for the money you put down for something meant to simplify life for you. These are purchase decisions that could stand the test of time – they also need to complement the overall design and décor character of your home.

So, in an overcrowded market with a mindboggling array of options, how do you go about integrating the right appliances into a space you love?

Especially if you’re planning a kitchen renovation, it’s important to understand the factors that will help you choose the best appliances for your home.


Setting a budget


The first and most rational step for buying an appliance is to set a budget. There are so many brands and models of every appliance in the market with plenty to choose from.

Often, the price spectrum for appliances will see variations across a brand, making it difficult to make a choice. Once you’ve done your research, and understood a bit about what’s out there, it’ll be easier to know what you want and to stay within your budget.

That said, if for a slight price increase, if there is a model that is has some serious upside in utility, don’t hesitate to stretch as well. Having a budget, nevertheless, helps even as you are flexible in a studied manner.


Don't compromise on quality


Whatever the budget you are going in with, there must be no compromises in the overall quality or production standards of the appliances as part of a quality kitchen renovation.

Make sure your choice can stand the test of time and can weather frequent and sustained usage well enough without possibly breaking down or giving up. Venture beyond the promises on the product brochure and the salesman’s pitch and read up on reviews online. User feedback, when properly analysed, can throw up a fairly accurate picture of a product’s strengths and weaknesses.

Stick to the brands that have a track record for quality control and assurance and who offer warranties and replacement programs for all their products.


Blending the design in


Your new appliance needs to blend in with the overall look of your kitchen design.

Always measure the space you want the appliance to go in and make sure it fits the space. You want your new fridge or microwave to be an absolute perfect fit with the design of your kitchen and the shades of the cabinets. Make your choice keeping in mind the aesthetics and design philosophy already embraced by the space it is going to occupy.

This can be across colour, shade, texture, size, shape and even pattern – in short, a new appliance needs to come home, looking like it always belonged there!


Fulfil your needs


Always choose what fits your needs - buying something only because it looks pretty or has great reviews is not enough.  

Depending on what your exact need is, go for appliances that are the perfect fit to address your requirement. Having a checklist of appliances and kitchen design features is a good way to accomplish this.

For instance, if shopping for air-conditioners, reach out for the one that is powerful enough for the size of the room it serves to do duty in. Too small or too big will not be the right fit.


Energy star rating


Other than the one-time expenditure on the purchase of your new appliance, do keep in mind future running costs too.

Taking the example of the air-conditioner itself, you may want to consider models that are low on energy consumption. Over the course of a prolonged period of regular, frequent or heavy usage, a strong focus on this point can translate into cost saves later on.

Check out the product details to review the energy star ratings and try to settle for ones that rank high in this regard.


Research all options


With very little to separate one from the other in terms of features, buying the right appliance can be difficult. Go over all available options, research online and visit physical stores for a more direct and tactile experience.

These are medium to long-term investments that are meant to be your kitchen companions and to be used extensively.  They also occupy pride of place in your kitchen and elsewhere in your home.

It’s best not to make purchases in haste but to do your research and weigh your options such that you end up choosing the best appliance for your home.


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