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How to make your home spookier this halloween

9th Oct '18 • By Kaylyn Jeffrey

Happy Halloween to all you homeowners getting ready for the trick or treaters and spooky festivities. We have tips to help you take your beautiful home and turn it into an eerie haunted house. Let the frights begin…


Be a good host 


Supply a meat and cheese platter to your guests, just make sure to serve it a la skeleton. 

halloween 6.jpg

Creepy relaxed decor


Who says Halloween decor can’t be equally hilarious as it is scary? To nail the relaxed frightened look, put a scary skeleton outside your home in a hammock. That’s what we call resting in peace. 

Floating fence ghosts 


For an easy spooky decor project, hang plenty of ghosts up on your perimeter fencing. You can choose to hang these ghosts up on surrounding trees as well. Only the brave may enter the premises. 

Instant spooky elements 


To make any of your furniture or lighting instantly spookier, incorporate faux cobwebs. Complement this with heaps and heaps of candlestick lighting. 

Classic pumpkin lanterns 


Turn Halloween decor into a fun family project by carving out pumpkins and turning them into freaky shadowy lanterns to be placed on your front porch or in the windows of your home. 

Easy DIY lanterns 


For a simple DIY project, empty big milk cartons and draw ghostly faces on them with a black sharpie. Chuck white christmas lights or fairy lights inside to keep them lit up. 

Creepy dolls


Have some spare dolls lying around? Consider buying red markers and drawing on them to give them awful clown faces. Stand heaps of them up on your lawn and watch passer byers cringe at the horrible sight of your yard. 

Not-so-traditional Aussie barbecue 


Create a realistic portrait of what the afterlife of Australia would be like by creating a creepily accurate display. Use red christmas lights for your faux fire. 

Prepare for doom 


To really scare your fellow Australians, give them a realistic spider scare. Instead of opting for the usual obvious giant spider, go for one that looks incredibly real and place it around your front door. To be even worse of a human, have the real looking spider drop down onto your front door guests when they visit. The neighbourhood may never forgive you, but it might be worth it. Muhaha!

halloween 8.jpg

Use our spooky tips to master Halloween home decor.

No spiders were harmed in the making of this article. 

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