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Interior garden inspiration for your home

12th Jan '18 • By Kaylyn Jeffrey

Style your home with beautiful interior gardens to bring elegance and well-being into your life this new year.

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Benefits of plants in the home


Not only do plants add to the decor of your home, but they can also be quite beneficial to your health. Plants can be used within a space to be air purifying. Common plants that are used for air purification are spider plants, peace lily, bamboo palm, Boston fern, aloe vera, and snake plant. 

Plants tend to contribute to a peaceful and serene atmosphere. It is completely common to have several plants in every room of the home. The more plants, the more cozy a space can appear.

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Hanging plants 


Hanging plants are a great way to save space and create an eye-catching display with depth to your home's decor and atmosphere. 

Hanging plants are easy to maintain, especially succulents and cacti options. These plant styles are perfect for minimalist and bohemian-inspired spaces. Minimalist fashion designers are even incorporating these plants into their marketing campaigns. They give off a chic, simple vibe. 

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Balinese-inspired interior gardens


Spoil yourself with relaxation and serenity by incorporating a Balinese inspired aspect to your interior garden. An excellent way to achieve this look is by incorporating bold pops of colour, tropical flowers and pieces of spiritual inspired art. 

Balinese gardens generally consist of a fountain with lotus flowers drifting along the water which creates a serene experience. You can find miniature versions of these types of fountains for the inside of your home at various local department and decor stores. 


Our favourite plant picks


If you are wanting plants that are simple but effective, consider placing low maintenance individual plants around common areas of the home. Pothos and Aloe plants are our top picks to create beauty and tranquility in your home.

Pothos is an indoor houseplant that can produce stems that trail 8 feet or longer. For maintenance, simply trim the stems back every so often and your plant will continue to look full and healthy. 

Pothos.jpgPothos plant

Aloe prefers harsh temperatures and a lot of sunlight. Aloe Vera is one the easiest plants to grow as the plant prefers dry soil. Therefore, it is advised to avoid frequent watering to properly care for your new aloe plant. 

Aloe Vera.jpgAloe Vera plant

Having green flourishing plants around the home could enrich your health in more ways than one. The colour green even holds the ability to reduce stress levels and increase overall focus and awareness.
Hot Tip: Make sure to place your plants near a window for indirect sunlight and ventilation to maintain the health of your interior garden. 

Keep your plants, mind and home feeling healthy this New Year with some of our inspired indoor plant decor ideas! 

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