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How to boost your productivity with your desk decor

13th Feb '19 • By Kaylyn Jeffrey

Whether you work from a home or commercial office, you can create a desk that promotes productivity and creativity for your personal and professional development.

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Organisation is important 


It’s no secret that the trend of minimalism is on the rise. Less is more when it comes to your desk decor. Declutter your workspace to feel more energised and boost your productivity. When your physical environment is clean and organised, you automatically feel more clear minded and focused. As hard as it is not to let that paperwork pile up, find time to organise it and you will be feeling worlds more capable and motivated to complete it. It also prevents things from being forgotten about or slipping through the cracks. Invest in cubbies, folders, a daily diary, and anything else you need to get organised and feel motivated. 

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Breathe in, breathe out


Allow fresh air into your office space. Breathing in fresh air while you work increases energy, improves digestion, cleans your lungs, and aids in happiness and stress relief. Taking in a deep breath quite literally causes a better mood by turning oxygen into serotonin in the brain. Try it out now! Deep breathing has been used for centuries to relieve stress and anxiety. If you find your workload is becoming overwhelming, simply breathe or take a break to take a walk outside. Breathing in fresh air helps you in countless ways while you are working at your desk, so open those windows and let it in!

Because exercise enhances breathing and pushes more oxygen to the lungs, it isn't a bad idea to use the same room in your home for your home office and home gym this winter. It will keep your energy and focus levels up, while keeping you fit during the winter season! If your office has a gym, use its facilities to boost your productivity at your desk. It will also help improve your posture and make sure you're not sitting for too long. 

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Good lighting 


It’s pretty simple: dark lighting makes you sleepy and bright lighting wakes you up - so which do you want in your office? 

Having a bright office atmosphere tends to boost your productivity. Invest in a lamp for your desk to create more light around where you are working. Light can actually improve your mood, productivity and your health! However, not all light is created equal. Reduce strong overhead blue light and increase the amount of desk lamps and accent lighting to achieve maximum productivity and steer clear of messing with sleep cycles. LED lighting is the most environmentally friendly, so this is the lighting we recommend. Use natural light as much as possible in an office to reduce eye strain and take advantage of sunshine as the ultimate mood booster. Nature always knows best. 

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Inspiring colours 


Colour actually affects your mood, so choose colours in your office that clear your mind and motivate you. Use neutrals for a sophisticated and mindful office. For a creativity booster, choose the colour orange as it can be an energy booster and motivational colour. You can also choose to create pops of colour within the space with coloured mason jars, a coffee mug or tin buckets to hold utensils as well as add to the overall decor. 

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Furniture you’re inspired by 


Do you love a clean minimalist space? Or are you more inspired by rustic decor? Obviously where you work will determine what kind of furniture you have, but if you do have control over this or feel the investment is worth it, decorate your desk area by your own personal taste. This is easy to do in a home office, but a bit more tricky if you work in a larger office. Ain’t nothing wrong with making your work space your own though! Not only will it make you feel better, but it’ll let your employer know that you’re serious about how you feel at work and that you know how to motivate yourself to get things done. 

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Combine the professional and personal 


Wait, did you just read that right? 

Yes - this is my recommendation for well-rounded success. Combining your professional and personal life goals will increase your efficiency and could even help with your overall happiness. No one wants to work for someone else 8 hours a day without having their own goals and creativity present in the work. There’s nothing wrong with pinning up your professional and personal goals on your desk to motivate yourself in all areas of your life. The best part is combining your professional and personal goals will actually make you a better employee too because you’ll be more engaged and passionate. Keeping pictures of your friends and family at your desk will help you feel happier in the space. If you have an hour-long lunch and ambitious fitness goals, take that hour to work out. Or, bring an exercise ball to work and use the ball as your work chair to improve your posture at work. Or, even better, start an office wellness plan!

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Just think... Do you have a passion that could be more utilised at your job?

Do you have a marketing job, but you love to cartoon? Incorporate a cartoon series into your marketing plan!

Do you work for a counseling clinic and love writing? Start a mental health and wellness blog for the company!

Feeling lonely at your desk? Ask co-workers out for coffee or dinner and form long lasting friendships.

The ideas are endless once you start involving your passion in your profession. Before you know it, you will feel more empowered both professionally and personally.

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A vision board 


Wait - a what? 

A vision board is a tool to get clear about what you want, to then attract those unique things into your life. Vision boards help you clarify and maintain focus on specific life goals using images that represent whatever you what to be, do or have in your life. Have a vision board on display at your desk area to remind yourself what your goals are and how you want your life to look. 

Still confused? 

Try this exercise: start the morning off keeping an eye out for red cars. At the end of the day, you’ll have seen more red cars than you’ve ever noticed in your life. Red cars everywhere! This is because you’ve asked your brain to focus on red cars. Those red cars were always there in that amount, you just never noticed because your focus wasn’t on them specifically. Same goes for your vision board. When you focus on the things that you want, you will be more likely to notice the opportunities that lead to the very unique things that make you happy. You will quite literally attract everything you want into your life by doing one simple thing: noticing. The brain is amazing. So, get yourself a vision board ASAP and start making those big goals known to your brain so it can get to work for you. 

vision board.jpgA vision board should incorporate everything you want in your future from your appearance to the kind of car you'd like to drive.

Health products 


When you’re working with your hands or typing all day, give them a mini massage and some love with a local Australian organic scented lotion (some proceeds even go to charity!). Essential oils also help for all sorts of things from peppermint to soothe a headache to citrus fruits for a boost of energy. It is wise to keep healthy snacks at your desk like fruit on toast, veggies, or peanut butter balls to curve hunger cravings. And if you’re anything like me, a very large coffee within arm’s reach. 

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The power of florals and greenery 


Not only do floral and greenery desk additions look beautiful, but they also can help filter the air. Plants that look great in an office space while also filtering the air include: spider plant, dracaena, peace lily, Boston fern, snake plant, bamboo palm, and aloe vera. Cement succulents are minimalist and trendy additions to your desk decor. Not only do beautiful flower arrangements improve the appearance of your desk, but if your office is frequently visited by clients, including an eye-catching flower display will surely leave them with a lasting impression! Todich Floral Design has some fantastic ideas for Summer flowers for business.

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Sleek technology 


A great way to make your working space more productive and minimalist is to invest in sleek technology. Bulky technology can make a space seem outdated and cluttered. Invest in up-to-date technology and go wireless when it comes to a mouse, keyboard or headphones. This is one of our favourite ways to use technology to better your business

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There are several ways to boost your productivity with your desk decor. In the words of Arthur Ashe, "One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation." 

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