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The ultimate guide to designing a space you’ll love

13th Apr '17 • By Jason Keegan

When it comes to home design, you might be worried about investing a whole lot of time, money and energy and end up not entirely happy with the result. To ensure this scenario never presents itself to you, we have created the ultimate guide to designing a space that you’ll love!

Choose Your Style

Although this may seem straightforward, you’d be surprised about the number of people that tell us they went with the style that was on trend only to realise (after much investment) it didn’t fit them or their home. With so many styles to choose from: modern, traditional, contemporary and minimalist to name a few, it can be hard to decide. If you’re not sure what suits you, the best way to decide on a particular style is to surround yourself with home design inspiration. After a while, you’ll notice you lean to a particular theme. Put all these images together and make this theme the cornerstone of all your design undertakings. 

Your Style

Only Buy What You Love

Don’t purchase anything off a whim. If you don’t fall in love with what you're buying, it’s most likely not worth the investment. This is especially true for artworks. Don’t put up artwork just for the sake of it. If you really want to design a space that you will love, adorn it with things that you love. Art pieces are not replaced frequently, therefore, make sure that whatever you pick is something that you adore and not something you’ll tire of.  

Buy What You Love

Check Out Second Hand Shops

Hit the local flea market and thrift shops and you are sure to strike gold when it comes to accessory and decoration pieces. For starters, second hand items are easy on the pocket and second, these markets and shops usually store hidden treasures. You can find furniture, decoration pieces and accessories for your space and at the fraction of the cost.     

Check Out Second Hand Shops

Size Your Room Before Purchasing Furniture

Another common mistake we find people make while designing an interior is impulse buying. For example, you see a chair you love and bring it home. However, you realise once it’s home, that it doesn’t fit the space you’re designing. Before you purchase anything, make sure you size up items and have a general idea where you want items to go. If you're designing for a small space, there are many ways you can fake a larger space.

Size Your Room

Take Your Time

You don’t need to rush into designing your space. If you can’t find a particular item, don’t get disheartened and purchase something close to what you wanted. Just keep looking and you're bound to find what you’re looking for.

Take Your Time

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