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Best laundry tile ideas for your next renovation

13th Nov '22 • By

The laundry is one of the most functional rooms of your home, where you take care of many of life’s daily tasks. This is why it’s important to keep it clean and prevent germs and bacteria build-up.

Most laundry rooms are covered in tiles on the walls and floors, which is ideal since they’re easy to clean and maintain. If your tiles aren’t in their best condition, it may be time to replace them.

If you don’t have the knowledge and experience to do it yourself, you can hire a tiler to do the job for you efficiently. They can help you choose the right kind of tiles for your laundry area, and the grout used to attach the tiles. You can get tiler quotes to ensure that you get the best deals near your location. If you’re wondering how much a tiler costs, you can expect to pay approximately $35 to $150 per square metre, depending on the complexity of the cut and layout.

white laundry with timber cabinets

Tile Designs For Your Laundry Room

Some popular tile styles to enhance your laundry include:

  • Brick laundry room tiles with tiles arranged in a vertical stack that looks like bricks.
  • Farmhouse laundry room tiles look traditional in beige/brown, and give off country vibes like a farmhouse.
  • Subway tile laundry room with subway tiles that makes its wall stand out. It makes the laundry room look cleaner, brighter, and bigger.
  • A black and white laundry room uses a combination of black and white tiles with grout that is either a lighter shade of grey or white.
  • A fun and modern laundry room uses different colours and elements to add to the enthusiasm of the laundry room. 

grey tiles with sunlight

Best Type of Tiles for Your Laundry Room

The first step in making your laundry room more appealing is to change the tiles on its walls and floors. If your laundry room does not have tiles, it’s never too late to add them. Here are some of the tile ideas to inspire you to renovate your laundry room and choose the best designs for your space.

1. Patterned Floor Tiles

Tile flooring with patterns is one of the best ideas for your laundry room. It makes your space look more aesthetically pleasing and also creates texture on the floor that helps increase friction while you walk. In this sense, it’s less slippery and can avoid accidents when the floor is wet. You can use classic herringbone or herringbone at 90 degrees to create an excellent flooring pattern.

pink marble subway tiles

2. Colourful Wall and Floor Tiles

If you want to create a vibrant atmosphere in your home and for your laundry room to embody that positivity, choose colourful tiles for your floors and walls. Sometimes doing the laundry can be a real chore, so if you want to promote relaxation in your laundry room, make it appear more exciting! The ambience of your laundry room can affect the mood of the people using the space.

3. Tile Backsplash

It is another excellent idea to have a tile backsplash in your laundry. A tile backsplash is easier to clean and maintain. It also adds style and aesthetic value to your laundry room. A backsplash tells a statement and reveals your personality as it puts creative touch to your space. You can use tiles with marble surfaces, patterned tiles, and other tiles with different shapes to make the most out of the backsplash for your laundry room.

pink geometric subway tiles

4. Ceramic Tiles

Your best option for your laundry area is ceramic tiles because of their versatility and their convenience. A ceramic tile is easy to clean and easy to maintain, which makes it the best fit for a laundry. These qualities make them one of the most used type of tiles for bathrooms and laundry areas. 

Ceramic tiles are water-resistant, and the splash of water from the sink, leaks from the washing machine, and other spills of water do not damage the tiles. Their surface properties are also bacteria-resistant. Because the water slips and does not stay on the surface of ceramic tiles, the bacteria and germs do not accumulate because there is no moisture build-up. Ceramic tiles are also stain and scratch-resistant. Even if you move the washing machine, dryer, or any equipment in your laundry room that may create strong friction, it won’t damage the tiles easily. 

While there are many options for upgrading your laundry room, these are a great place to begin.

If you need help choosing or installing the best tiles for your space, get in touch with local tilers today.

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