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Balinese inspired gardens we love

10th Oct '17 • By Kaylyn Jeffrey

Get your zen on with some tips for creating a Balinese-style garden

Go au natural  


It is preferable to go with natural materials when you are planning your Balinese garden including timber, stone and thatch. Pebble paving and timber gates look divine within this space. Bamboo is ideal for complimenting your garden and is a staple plant for this design choice. The more plants, the better to give your garden a cosy, inviting feel. Green foliage is an essential element - The best choices being tropical and semi-tropical plants such as: bamboo, banana trees, ferns, and palms. These are all appropriate foliage plants to have in your Balinese garden. The rustling of leaves in your garden will create an auditory calming experience. You won’t want to leave it! 

Colour is key 


Bold pops of colour create a beautiful look to your Balinese garden. Ways to create pops of bold colour include incorporating colourful tropical flowers and bright-coloured decorative pillows. The designs of your pillows can be as intricate and detailed as you like with an assortment of many colours. Flowers that accentuate the Balinese vibe within these gardens are frangipani, lotus, bird of paradise, orchids, desert rose, hibiscus, and peace lily. 

Water features 


A common detail of a Balinese garden is a fountain. Most commonly, these fountains are designed to pour water into the pool creating a relaxing sound and ambiance to the garden. A small pond with lotuses floating in it also creates an excellent water element to the garden. Hearing the sound of water gently pouring will create a serene auditory experience necessary for soothing as soon as you step foot in your backyard slice of paradise. 

Get some shade


An Indonesian-style gazebo is an awesome choice for the focal point of a Balinese garden. The elements of the gazebo could include carved designs made of stone and timber. Include flat relaxed-style seating to compliment the space. Daybeds look beautiful in this space. Indonesian Hindu decor gives the space a spiritual, tranquil atmosphere. Big beautiful sculptures and art pieces that reflect the spiritual side of the Indonesian culture will create an experience for yourself and guests that enter the space. 

An experience of peace 


The purpose of the Balinese courtyard is to evoke a calm, loving spiritual connection to nature in all its beauty. This could even include burning sandalwood incense and offering flowers before statues to show appreciation for the higher powers that aid in the creation of beauty in our lives. Common spiritual figures to keep in a Balinese garden are Rama (purity and marital devotion), Sita (good fortune, success and happiness), Ganesha (the remover of obstacles), and Saraswati (knowledge, music, arts, and wisdom). The Balinese people believe these meaningful figures aid in bringing more beauty and peace into our lives.  

Lighting for entertainment and romance 


Decorative lamps and fire pits are perfect for the nighttime experience of your garden. This will increase its exotic experience and give you a cosy place to retreat with company at night. Not only is this excellent for entertaining guests, but it is also a romantic experience for two. Create a flame that nurtures your flame with a fire pit to compliment your garden.

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