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Great renovation ideas under $100

27th Jul '17 • By Kelly Milburn

Want to transform your home for under $100? Here are a few great renovation ideas you can complete this weekend to improve your home.

Home Renovations Under $100


It’s amazing how a single coat of fresh paint can transform the look of your house!  The best part is, you can get the whole family involved this weekend and add value to your home. For a more drastic change, we recommend a new, exciting and bold colour. Don’t limit yourself to just the walls of your house - use the power of paint on both walls and furniture. Fresh paint on old furniture, such as chairs, cupboards, and kitchen cabinets, can breathe new life into it. 


Declutter with storage

The first step to improving the look of your home is to start with organising. Even the most beautiful home will look shabby if it’s cluttered with unnecessary things here and there. Make use of smart storage solutions to declutter. No space is too small if it’s used wisely. Build cabinets on the walls, use nooks and corners, and utilise space under the stairs, if any. Usually, the most problematic areas are the kitchen, bathroom and closet. Tackling storage issues here can sometimes be a challenge. But with smart storage solutions such as the ones stated above, it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

De-Clutter Home

New light fixtures / chandeliers

The difference that good lighting can make to a home is incredible. Changing old light fixtures to new ones is a great, budget-friendly idea for home renovations. Simply changing the hue of the lights can bring about a drastic change in the look of your house. Hanging pendant lights, or replacing simple fixtures with beautiful chandeliers, will definitely up your aesthetics game.    

Lighting Fixtures

Clean the carpets 

With time, carpets get very dirty and simply vacuuming them does not suffice. It is absolutely necessary to have your carpets cleaned regularly. Regular carpet cleaning is important for you and your family’s health, and two, who doesn’t like the smell and soft feel of clean carpets? Having carpets professionally cleaned is usually the best way to go as cleaning them yourself will require professional equipment. Further, cleaning carpets yourself does not give the same result as having them cleaned by experts.

Clean Carpets

Add some greenery around the front entrance

The front entrance is the first thing that people see when they visit your house. Therefore, while renovating, it is the ideal place to start for it will really transform the exterior. For a beautiful, budget-friendly embellishment, we recommend adding greenery. Use natural beauty to give a fresh and lively feel. You can decorate the main door, frame the entrance, line the walkway with beautiful pots and plants, and also place some beautiful greens inside, near the entrance.

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