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10 dazzling chandeliers that will make your home shine

13th Apr '17 • By Emily Ayers

Chandeliers are a timeless piece of décor used to enliven any area of the house. Here are our top 10 picks!

Crystal Chandeliers 

Crystal chandeliers are the embodiment of elegance and class. For this reason, this design is the most popular. What gives these chandeliers their distinctive and regal look is the light reflected off of the crystals creating a beautiful atmosphere.

Opulent Chandelier

Opulent Chandelier

If you have a big enough area and if your wallet allows you to splurge, these chandeliers are perfect to fill the space. 

Crystal Chandelier

Tiered Chandeliers

Available in glass, crystal, and any material you can think of, tiered chandeliers are known for their distinctive levels. The most common height is normally 3-4 tiers.

Tiered Chandeliers

Vintage Chandeliers

Inspired by the Victorian era and a straight ticket to the magnificent 19th century, these pieces of beauty are sure to transport you back in time. Usually made of antique, classic brass, these chandeliers use candle inspired lights to give a rustic look and feel.

Vintage Chandelier

Rectangular Chandeliers

Rectangular chandeliers are a great choice of lighting over a long table, preferably the dining table. The unusual shape of the chandelier gives it a modern and fresh twist and perfect to go with a house with an overall modern style. 

Rectangular Chandeliers

Orb Chandeliers

As their name suggests, orb chandeliers are notorious for their spherical shape. These chandeliers are the perfect blend of modernity and finesse. A pretty design with a metallic sphere wrapped around it, these beautiful light fixtures work wonders for any room in the house. It’s a great pick for people with a knack for unique designs.

Orb Chandelier

Lampshade Chandelier

A lampshade and chandelier combination is a great way to upgrade your light fixtures. These beautiful pieces give the illusion of numerous lamps hanging from the ceiling. 

Vintage Chandeliers

Drum Chandelier

A variant of the lampshade chandelier type, drum chandeliers, as the name suggests, have a circular shade around individual bulbs or on the entire lamp piece. Giving a drum-like exterior look, these fixtures can be made out of any material, with metal and fabric being the favourite choices.

Drum Chandelier

Ceiling Fan Chandelier

With ceiling fan chandeliers, you can combine any style of chandelier with your fan and you have a 2-in-1 combo. This fan-chandelier combo will give your home a rustic vibe and to really spruce up the look, you can add a ceiling medallion. 

Mini Chandelier

Also referred to as a chandelette, what sets these apart from mainstream chandeliers is their size. To be classified as a chandelier, the light fixture needs to meet a certain size criteria. Chandelettes are the newest light trend to hit the market. With their small size, they can be adjusted just about anywhere. Ideal for small spaces, these chandelettes would look great in a bathroom or a walk-in closet.

Mini Chandeliers

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